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My wife took our son with mild CP to the PNP Center after seeing Lawlis on Dr. Phil.  This cost 00 and yielded a report (3 months later) that showed elevated levels of heavy metals in his system and recommended we buy supplements (from them of course).  We were fairly horrified as we had had our son tested for lead poisoning the year before and it was undetectable.  Subsequent testing at a proper medical facility showed no such results. 

My wife had been told by the Center that our insurance would reimburse us for this service and all sorts of fantastic claims were made about what they would be doing for our son.  Now, the case can be made that this is a buyer beware problem, but people should understand the kind of desperation parents of these children feel.

We are looking for others that may have been misled, charmed, or whatever, by this charlatan.  Please let me know if you know anyone that would be interested in exposing this sham.  We're not looking for a lawsuit, but we would like to see some media attention particularly since Dr. Phil is using national media to propagate this misinformation.

It's easy to call victims of this scam stupid, and perhaps we parents are, but our children would benefit from the proper medical care this money could buy.

Thank you.

No - that's just it. They aren't. One of the actual "MD's" who signed off on some of the testing is actually a chiropractor. That may be fine with some people, but they should be honest about it before people pay 6,000 up front. The biofeedback could be worth while, but most people can find that at a place closer to them and have it covered by insurance. The psych eval could also be worth while, but the report was very similar to a couple we'd already had done - no extra info. One of the drs is a psychpharmacologist, and the rest are plain psychologists.

That is so sad.  There are so many parents who listen to him and believe everything he says.  He promotes Dr. Lawlis on just about every show he does on children.  I would like to hear from the parents on the results THEY notice.  Those parents were desperate and their kids were a mess.  It would be nice  to see some actual PROOF that his techniques are more than BS.  I hope you have better luck in the future.  Are the Dr.s at the PNP center nueropsychologists?  Or what are they? What is the PNP Center?  Coincidently, I had emailed the Dr. Phil show to request that they do an update show featuring the families they showcased on their ADHD shows with dr. Lawlis.  I wrote that it would be benificial to those of us who read his book and are dealing with ADHD and do not medicate their kids.  i would be interesting to see what became of the kids that Dr. Lawlis offered to treat free of charge.  So far no reply.
My son is having neuropsych testing done at our Children's hospital next Friday.  I wonder if it's the same type of tests Dr. Lawlis does at his clinic. 

The PNP center is a center composed of a few "doctors" who propose to do many "tests" to determine if a child is truly ADHD and what factors may be contributing to the problem. We thought it sounded great....Until we read many of the results indicating that our son had elevated levels of things such as mercury and gallioum and lead. In small, teeny tiny letters, the test results say "NOT FDA APPROVED". That is what made me question the results. The lab and methods they used to test these levels were referred to as a sham to "con desparate parents" when sent for a second opinion. Blood test results - which ARE FDA approved - indicated no such elevated levels. They wanted us to BUY supplements from them. I'm sure that any results given on the Dr. Phil show would be the ame as what I read about follow ups - all glowing references. You should also know that at least one of the "doctors" at the center had let his license lapse when we checked... You should also know that when you actually read the supporting research for the book, over 90% of it can be traced back to one doctor, and the testing methods are highly questionable.  Please do your own research on the place - don't listen to what's on the Dr. Phil show like we did - and don't waste your hard earned money on that place.  Read what's all over the Dr. Phil site about the place - there is NOTHING negative and no opposing view points...

Our Dr. does metal testing, yeast,methelation pathways tests also. These are suppose to all interfe in Brain functions. Chealation supposedly clears the metals from the brain. Yeast prevents iproper Gi functions so someone can absorb well. Pathways cleared up are to help it all work better. This how told to us. When this all fixed it is suppose to improve the patient. How it's explained to us. Fda is just as bad at approving stuff and recalling it. Just cause not Fd approved doesn't mean can't be a sucess. Ex. Most therapies are not Fda approved so does that make it not work I think not. If this isn't true than explain the test results that are found. Metal poisoning in any amount is dangerous. The point is the epa  allowed to much in to shots. Some can rid it others can't. I have mentioned here if it's not dealt with it effects the body. Looking at Pathways also should get done. Looking for Yeast. These all 3 effect how well the body is working. Neurons damaged also effect Brain function. Read Eric's story I listed here before. Therapies did nothing for him in 10 years.

OK, I'll explain the results: The lab results were bogus.  His pediatrician had an assay performed at a legitimate, FDA approved lab and the results were normal, no elevation in any metals.  These tests are not complicated, I use similar equipment in my work as a metallurgist.  You reference a standard to make sure the equipment is reading properly and you will get virtually the same result (within a few tens of parts per million) on any device for a given sample.  My point is that this is fraud.

I'm not sure how shots got into the conversation, or yeast, or pathways (whichever pathways these refer to).

.IMac38949.483599537Chealation for heavy metal in kids! How much does it coast? Can a Public Health Dept. do that?  How long can metal stay in your body?  I want to thank you two for the infromation debat. I like reading all points of view.   What would be good/safe supplments for kids- you all know alot more then me! I talk to poor people who have kids with ADD/ADHD and a whole host of other issues. whats cheap and can work with better brain function. Thanks - please no fighting- you may help me help a child. Lost in the phy-o-babble.  

The Dr. we see is a MD ! You can believe what you want to but I believe what tests show not just a opinion and guessing game. Metals in any amount can be toxic. You also need no shots if the tider shows you have immunity from first set of shots. Sons showed our son needs no shots.

Metals were removed in the 2000's!

Fda doesn't know it all either!

frank lawlis is short for Franklin LAWLESS

[QUOTE=oldtimer]If this isn't true than explain the test results that are found. Metal poisoning in any amount is dangerous. The point is the epa  allowed to much in to shots. Some can rid it others can't. I have mentioned here if it's not dealt with it effects the body. Looking at Pathways also should get done. Looking for Yeast. These all 3 effect how well the body is working. Neurons damaged also effect Brain function. Read Eric's story I listed here before. Therapies did nothing for him in 10 years. [/QUOTE]

As has been said this is a sham.  A child that has NEVER been exposed to heavy metals and was raised in a biosphere on spring water and special diet would show up under these fraudulent tests as having heavy metals.  They are believers in chelation therapy and will force it on anyone who comes to them.  All get to have heavy metals as the testing equipment (not FDA approved means they aren't calibrated and they can make it show you have plutonium in you if they wish!) will always show it.

And I see mentioned that one of the MDs on the phil show was actually a chiropractor.  That figures as most of these shyster homeopaths are chiropractors as well.

Only go to reputable centers that follow FDA guidelines.  The rest you might as well build a pile out of the money and burn it for the good it does.

And oldtimer?  There is no mercury anymore in shots.  Only in anthrax shots and other specialty shots and almost always for adults who have higher tolerance for mercury.  Even then it's minimal and not toxic unless you get immunized every week which would be wierd.

It's old propaganda that is tired and spent of any real effectiveness at least here.  We've heard that all before.

And phil is a dirtbag money grubbing backwoods snake oil salesman who I wouldn't have give therapy to my worst enemy.

pay no attention to oldtimer.

 The persons are not into adhd, and think they have the answer to it all.

 they also are the trolls you see posting around.


        My wife and I also learned about Dr. Lawlis and the P.N.P. Center on the Dr. Phil show. We read and were sold a bill of goods expecting astonishing results based on Dr. Phil's and others' high recomendations. We reluctantly decided to spend the only extra income that we had (tax return) on a visit  to the good doctors. I see, like myself, that you found these results are far from what we were told to expect. I personally underwent these tests and was expecting some of the tests to be "basic" and some to be "more advanced", I was administered two days worth of tests some "basic" and some "advanced?" but there was at least one that was flat-out "weird" from wich Dr. Messamore (the chiropractor) derived his medical diagnosis. Now I am not as aware as you are as to these doctors' backgrounds but, I find it kind of STRANGE that I was given what seems to be a very similar diagnosis, "HEAVY METAL TOXICITY"!!! Does that sound familiar to you? I thought that it might!!! Anyway, I do not know you, your family or where you are from but, I do know that I am one of the "LUCKY FEW" who live in the Dallas,Ft. Worth metroplex and therfore did not have to travel here. I was told that most of the patients that visit are from out of state. "Lord, as angry as I am right now, I can only imagine how sore everyone else must be" having to dish out as much money as they did (just for travel) and to find out that so far 100% of the patients that I've heard from (2 out of 2) have been given the same diagnosis, the same promises, endured the same cash out of pocket burden and likely had to deal with the same insurance  re-imbursement hassles (i.e. no medical billing codes). I am pretty fumed about this right now and I feel like I am not conveying everything thoroughly enough, so my wife and I will sit together and chat with anyone interested in joining the conversation. Please if anyone has any serious thoughts on this matter feel free to post a response on this web page.

Best Regards,

Dan Jackson


Beleive it or not, there are homeopaths out there that actually help people. And they don't charge thousands. Just like any consumer, you have to research your provider.

Thank you Tim for posting here and I hope that some media attention can be brought to this. I will be writing my letter to Dr. Phil requesting updates/follow-ups and my concern that this guy is a fraud. Hopefully more folks will be inclined to do so too.