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I would just take her in to be safe. I don't know the answer.


But is it mania if it happens most everyday at the same time?

I agree with you that it seems like mania, but I thought that mania comes and goes at different times.

She is not currently on medication, because the adderall made her very moody.

buggabug38890.4384375Honestly, her reaction to social situations doesn't sound like ADHD.  What kind of doctor diagnosed her?  Has she been evaluated by a neuropsychologist?

My daughter is a very social girl.  (8yrsold, ADHD)

She loves being around other kids, but I'm not sure if it is good for her. When she is around other kids (like at school) all day, she comes home acting like she is high on crack. I can see that she can't focus. I can look at her and almost see that her brain is going in about 100 different directions. She talks out of sequence, literally runs into walls, and can't focus for a half a second. Usually I will tell her to get in bed. She will fall asleep FAST (within one minute) and will sleep HARD. I think she would sleep for 3 hours if I let her, but I usuall wake her up after one hour, then she is much calmer.

She is like this all the time, but it is much more controlled when she is just with us, and maybe one friend.

I don't want to isolate her. She is very talkative and social, and taking her away from her friends (she goes to summer camp) would really upset her. I just want to make sure that she is not geting too much.

What does it sound like? She was sent to the psychologist by her ped.

The psy. told us she has the boy's type of ADHD- (hyper, impulsive). She said that we may be concerned with bipolar in the future, but she wants to wait before she says anything else on that one.

She has not been evaluated by a neuropsychologist.


I'm wondering if this kid is on meds?



Hi! Thanks to all for your replies.

She is in a camp with about 15 other children, which I think may be too many. We are putting her in private school next year, so she will be in a smaller class. She is very active and hands-on. She always has to be doing something.

10 seconds after I wake her up in the morning, she is talking a mile a minute. She has a horrible time staying on task, especially in the morning. She is starting to throw temper tantrums and makes up lies and excuses as to why she isn't ready. She will also blame friends when she gets in trouble at school.

When she gets home from school she takes a shower first thing (it helps her transition). But unless I stand there and tell her.."take your shirt off, now your shorts, now your panties, get your towel, turn the water on, ..." she will get stuck, and start doing something else instead. Sometimes she gets in and out on her own, but it's not consistent.

She will stay in the shower for 45 min. or longer without washing herself. She is talking and talking. Mostly she is telling other"kids" what to do, just being bossy to imaginary friends. So I usually have to stand there and say "wash your leg, other leg, now your arm," get the picture.

She also doesn't trust that I will remember things. She is constantly reminding me of things like dinner, school, what time to pick her up, pack her lunch. I can honestly say that I have only forgotten one thing in her life, and that was one day when I was sick and on meds. Other than that, I am really organized, and have never given her a reason to think I will forget something. Her birthday is coming up, and a few days ago, she drew me a picture of herself and wrote happy birthday above it. She gave it to me and said" this is just to remind you that my birthday is Friday, incase you forget"

She is also VERY dramatic about EVERYTHING.

Does this sound like ADHD?  I think it does, but you never know. Her psy. tells us it it classic ADHD, but I just want to be sure.


She was on adderall, but we took her off because it made her really moody.       (cryng all day long and literally clinging to mine and my husbands side)

The psy. is working on finding something that will work better, but also wants to watch her for a while before taking the next step.

buggabug38891.4500925926But they are looking at bipolar. I'd go to the Psychiatrist to make sure. It wasn't brought up for no reason. The Psycologist obviously is seeing something warning him/her of more. "Leave no stone unturned" or you may be sorry. If it's NOT ADHD, both stimulants and Wellbutrin can make it worse. Once bipolar is worse, it stays worse. ADHD isn't progressive, but bipolar is. It's best to check with a Psychaitrist before going the ADHD med route. JHMO. I agree.  ADHD.  My son can be this way sometimes.  She has seen a psy, is aware there could be problems, and they are watching her.  That turned over the stone.  Sometimes it is better to be cautious than to jump to conclusions.  These children are very unique, and all are different.Sound like ADHD to me also.  Cognitive/emotional overwhelm. Executive functioning issue. I think it sounds like childhood mania, possibly early onset bipolar. Or it could be a bad reaction to the meds. I'd see a Psychiatrist (with the MD) to see. A Psycologist isn't a expert in that. Nor ADHD, for that matter. They lack the medical degree. If this psycologist knew anything about early onset bipolar, she'd know that stims and Wellbtrin, especially at a high dose, can make it worse or kick it up. 150 mgs. is an adult dose of Wellbutrin. My hub took it to try to stop smoking and it made him so nervous, he quit. I'd have the Psychiatrist look at her. MomWI38890.4325347222

Sounds a lot like ADHD to me!  It also sounds like a reaction to overstimulation.  When she is "socializing" how many other kids are there?  We have found it helpful to try, when at all possible, to limit the number of kids he plays with.  For instance, in a situation where there are just a few other kids he is great, however when you up the number to like 12 or more he tends to get way overstimulated.  He has no outlet for the overstimulation and so he gets very wound up. 

As a result, we are looking into schools for him that have a limited number of children in the classroom -- we feel it is the way he will learn best.  Our son is also not medicated -- at least not on pharmaceuticals.  You might want to check out the Alternatives to Meds section of this board.