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I am on 70 MG per day and staying there, but worked up to that very slowly. Every time I bumpped up the dosage I had nasty tension headaches for a couple of days, but they went away. I also had some drowsiness and slight stomach upset. I now take my dose before bed. I seem to sleep okay but have very vivid and odd dreams. Not nightmares, just different and very vivid.

My ADD symptoms have greatly imporved with Straterra. I had been on Concerta, but it was the typical speed roller coaster. And I was developing tolerance to it very quickly. Supposedly Straterra is non-addictive. My doctor is skeptical, but only time will tell.

 I am encouraged to hear that some MDs are looking at this drug carefully.  I am convinced that it is stimulating; however, it may not meet the controled substance criteria.  It is like a "designer drug" tweeked to avoid the legal definition while still having the same effect.

I am interested in the "feeling cold" side effect.  My 70yr old father-in-law was taking some prostate medication to lower his PSI.  He complained of feeling cold all the time, especially in his extremities.  I would ask your MD about this right away.  It would support my suspicions that this drug may adversely affect men's prostrates.  I would be interested in anything anyone else digs up.

I have asked to be copied on any new posts on Strattera on this forum. Maybe others would also.  We could expand a study group on the negative side effects of Strattera on prostrate functions.

Again I was also interested in Positive Thinker's comments on the negative side effects on females.  Pass the info on to anyone you know.  We have to look out for each other.  You can bet that Ely Lillie is not going to be proud about the negative side effects.

oldman56 (July 16 I'll be oldman 57)


oldman what are the side effects for females>?  I WISH I could be cold.  Strattera has not changed my temperature. I get mad really easy on strattera. No, it is not meno.  I take hormones for that.  No sexual side effects that I know of. 

 Hi dixie good to hear from you again.  Positive Thinker has described some problems she had during her period.  I would suggest looking her up and discussing it with her.  I would be, and maybe others also, interested in hearing what females are experiencing. Please copy me if you don't feel comfortable discussing these issues on open forum.


  Kimo, thanks for the reply I hope the other females get to read it.  I was wondering what dose you were started on and ended on, over what time frame?

Positivethinker and dixiepeep, also female, have responses on this string. Have you discussed any of this with them?

I also felt the "trembling" and fumbled and dropped things, my writing was jerky and I was not happy.  I am on 450 xr Wellbutrin 1xpd and trying the Ritalin LA 1xpd.  Really like the smooth seamless delivery system on both products.  Novartis has done a nice job for us.


oh, I had a hyst due to endometriosis and adhesions so no more of that.  I will message her because I would be concerned if it made me hurt then too.  Have you seen the commercial for Zelnorm?  It actually says on the commercial that it may cause adhesions so being as new as Strattera is I would be concerned if it changed my cycle.  Maybe there is something in the newer drugs that could cause women to have problems. 

My side effects were, toward the end, unbearable.  Extreme sweating . . . I mean I smelled bad!  It was awful.  Extreme depression and anger.  Can't say that it affected my period at all though.  Only went through that once while being on the medication though.  I've never had much of a libido so I can't say whether or not that was affected.  I know that some women said it increased theirs.  Not mine. 

Extremely nervous too.  I mean like I would hold out my arm and hand and I would just be trembling. 

It seems with this drug you either love it or hate it.  I personally hated it. 

I haven't read every post in this topic, but just wanted to add my 2 cents.  So let me get on my soapbox for a moment...

I'm convinced there is something fishy with this medication.  Especially when it comes to growth in children and the effects on the urinary system in men.

It has caused the most annoying urinary problems for me in many different ways.  Restricted urinary flow for one thing.  Leakage when you think you are finished urinating...but oops, your not!  (This happened to me at work TWICE, it was quite disturbing).  Urinary urgency.  Urinary urgency following sex, only to not be able to generate ANY flow for up to 30 minutes afterward.

And the final urinary/genital experience that was the last straw for me....  PAINFUL ejaculation!  You read that right!  I thought my little Jimmy was about to explode!  Scared the hell out of me.  At first it felt like it was one of the most intense orgasms that I had ever experienced.  However, the spasming and penial constriction continued and then became painful.  Awfully painful.  I think my wife was proud of herself at first due to the expression on my face.  Until I said "Ooww, what the hell is that!", she realized something was wrong.  I tell you, it was a very very disturbing feeling.  It was not at all similar to effects of any urinary tract infection or STD, where you would usually feel burning while urinating.  This was altogether different!  It was a dull constricting pain.  Imagine a bad cramp in your calf after pulling it in some sporting event.  Then apply that cramp on you erected penis.  Get the idea?

Not knowing if this was related to the Strattera I had recently started taking, I had sex one more time days later.  Same result.  I quit taking the med after that.

Not to mention, it had absolutely ZERO affect on any ADD related symptons whatsoever.  If a non stimulant medication is what you are looking for.  Ask you doctor about Wellbutrin.  For most people, it has far fewer side effects if any.  I have no side effects with Wellbutrin.  Though it does not rid all of my ADD symptons, I am able to think much clearer on an everyday basis.

If I had any money or any clout, I would call for an investigation on Strattera and an investigation on the validity of their case study.  This medication has been such a huge failure in the general population, I honestly wonder how it was ever approved for adult ADD treatment and why some of these side affects were not disclosed.


I've stopped taking my meds b/c of a very unpleasent side effect that I warn eveybody about on this board.  I have not seen anybody post anything similiar.  I was on Straterra for about 12 weeks(worked up to 100mg).  About 4 weeks ago my wife noticed that she was spotting after sex.  We didn't think much of it because she felt fine and she was getting close to that time anyway.  Well, it happened a couple other times and we decides to should I put this?..Check to see if if was me.  Well, it was!  There is bload in my....Perl Jam..Sorry for symbolizims.  I went to my Pysc and he told me to stop taking and he said that he has done some reading and found that this is a side effect that is probably going to come to light soon.  So, for those of you guys out there taking Straterra, check out your uhm...stuff to be sure you don't have the same problem.



 I just stumbled on to adhd news. Now I know what has driven me for 76 years.  My oldest brother told my wife, my family has some PROBLEMS.  Well I have known that rather secretly.  Nobody would talk about it.  thru 3 wars,and ran all my life.  Booze, some drugs, lies, deceptions, Married a strong woman51 years now.  I have lived all this time thinking, I am mentally challenged.  After reviewing the effects of some of the medications on you folks, I think I'll just stick to pain med for some injuries.  2 reg strength vicoden daily, (6 years now).  for sleep problems , one and one half tabs of diphenhydramine (25mg).  Also a half of a 1mg tab of lorazapam.  I still work part time in a high school.  No wonder I understand Special Ed kids.  Takes one to know one.  I thought about strattera, and ritalin, but no thanks.  I'm getting real close to using oxygen from 50 yearof smoking. (not anymore) I still will follow your forums and wish all of you the best.

Thank you all,   Shawnee

My PCP just prescribed Straterra for me today.  After reading these posts regarding the side effects and comparing them to what he said the side effects SHOULD be, I protested a little.  When I got home I took my first dose at 40mg.  That was 30 mins ago.  I am a bit nervous about this drug and would like my PCP to read what yu guys have been saying about your experiences on it.  My intention is to send him this link but I doubt if he'll read it.

This is day two on 40mg straterra for me.  I take it in the morning at around 9 or 10, then its off to class or to work.

I've got major shrinkage.  My ol' lady is gonna be PISSED!  But seriously, I do have shrinkage and a complete lack of libido.  It's as if I just got out of an ice bath or something.  They should give this drug to sex offenders.  I had downloaded some pretty good porn but now it does nothing for me.  This morning, if I really concentrated, I could get up a bit of a stir but that was about it.

I must take tylenol for tension headaches in the afternoon.  I keep having to clear my throat and my voice is all soft like a tenor.  I normally have a radio voice.  Going to potty is a problem since I have to stand around waiting and then its just a trickle.  Also, I am sweating a lot.  But the worse thing is the melancholy that came over me at around 5PM yesterday.  WTFO?!!

Folks, I have got to find another MD.  When my PCP gave me the straterra samples, he told me that the only side effects that I should experience is some stomach upset, maybe.  Not for nothing, but shouldn't a doctor research a drug before prescribing it to a patient?

So far, no improvement in focus or impulsivness.


Hey ChiefB,

My doc worked up my dosage of Straterra very slowly. I started with 18MG for about two weeks. I had some headaches (both kind), but they went away after a couple of days. Then we bumpped up to 28MG (an 18 in the morning and a 10 in the afternoon). Again, headaches and dry mouth, but it went away. Then we went to 36 MG, etc. still split with 18 in the morning and 18 in the afternoon. We took 6 weeks to get up to 36 MGs, you started cold at 40.

After a total of 8 weeks I was up to 60MG and it seems like the right place to be. The only side effects I notice now is a little drowsiness about four hours after I take it in the morning. I had some excessive sweating for a week or so, but that has gone now also. I no longer get headaches. 

It allows me to be able to focus although it does not give me the quick buzz of concerta or the other speed meds. I still have to work at it, but it is workable.

The ADD problem has to do with a shortage of neurotransmitters. Each of these drugs only seem to have an effect on some of the transmitters. So if you have a problem with chemical A and the drug you try affects chemical B, it may not help you at all.

i guess that is why different people seem to find different success ith different meds.  

Strattera had too many side effects. Just changing the time of day I took the dose would bring back all the side effects. I was getting work done, more organized but it hardly seems worth it when I was also nauseous, constipated, dizzy, rapid heartbeat, unable to sleep...etc.

This drug finally landed me in the hospital with a dangerously high heart rate and I was taken off of it.


I am NOT seeing the issues that most others are describing here.  I had a few side effects when I first started, but they pretty much went away when I reached my goal doseage (40 mg / day).   My wife says I'm a bit moodier, but only if I mess up my meds (I take others for other health issues) 

Now, I can't miss a dose, or I know it.  And I have to take 2 doses of 20 (I tried one 40 once... 'bout went into a coma) Getting a schedule that works was tricky, but we've found one.

 I agree that we aren't sure of the long term effects, we know what they say, but there's not massive data to back it up.  But the Pro's outweigh the Cons in my book.   Maybe I'm the minority...

[QUOTE=whirlwind247] I was just prescribed to take Strattera.  I have experienced dizziness, imsomnia(waking early),loss of appetite,weight loss, and most of all, impotence.  [/QUOTE]

Me too :( Does this go away eventually?

Did you eventually stay asleep or did you have to fight insomnia?

Also - does the impotence ever go away?

THanks for the info chaz,

This is my third day on the straterra.  I am taking it while reducing my wellbutrin.  Its good to know that the side effects diminish with time.


Check out my blog entry on this.  I had exactly the same problems with sleep.



That was great MrPerky - yea I kept waking up mybe 10 - 20 times last night, and sometimes just minutes apart... felt disoriented thinking that I must of slept longer.

I feel ok this morning, I read the lable that it is better to take without meal for fuller affect, so I ate at 9am and will take the next pill at 11am and report back on my send night sleep tomorrow.

Though on a sadder note, I went to fill the perscription and was informed that it would cost me almost 0 - unfortunately I don't have that kind of money, so I could not fill the persciption - but I have the free sample that the office gave me. 

Another pharmacy told me a few days ago that the gerneric for Ritilin is much cheaper, so I called my doctor back and left a message that I would like to try this instead (hopefully he will help me).

My problem is that I don't have medical insurance, and personally only make k per year, but my husband w/ joint income pushes me out of the reach of getting medical assistance for medication.

Guess I am going to look on the web today for perscription plans as a back up to see if I can't get help that way.

 ChiefB  I wonder why your MD is taking you off Wellbutrin?  Wellbutrin is a dopamine enhancing drug.  Strattera is a norpenephrine (sp?) enhancing drug.  I take Wellbutrin for depression, and Ritalin for combined inattentive and impulsive ADD.  If you are prone to depression, you may still need Wellbutrin.

Ask your pharmasist for drug detail sheets on both.


My understanding is that you cannot take both of those drugs at the same time in their full doses.  You can take small doses of both but not the full doses.  Reason being is that the Wellbutrin is also a Norepenephrine Reuptake Inhibitor which is also what the Strattera is.  So it's not a good idea to be on both at the same time.  I guess you can take small doses of both at the same time though.   From what I have read anyways. 

Well, I am down with bad cold or flu, but went ahead and started the Strattera last night.

About 2am till 6am I was periodically waking up and looking at the clock, in some cases it seemed like just a minute had passed (though in my mind I surely thought more time should of passed).

I took the pill in the evening before bed, I think I will move to day time dose today see if that helps. They have me starting out at 40mg.

I am still foggy from being sick so can't comment really on any other observations right now.


I took pill earlier like 9am this morning, since again last night I was awake at 2am. Also I have notice less hunger and reduced to eating more the 3 meals per day instead of the extra snacking I usually have.

I am still mixed with my cold symtoms so not totally sure if there are other problems since I still feel out of it.


Looks like we're on the same day.  My doctor prescribed Ambien (a sleeping pill) but that had no effect, so I was awake all last night.

This morning, I took my Strattera right when I woke up, and I'm hoping I'll sleep tonight.  I'm going to take another Ambien before going to bed, as well as some Valerian and a Melatonin.

I messed my sleep up last night, actually went and did the same thing you talked about - had a few drinks. But not too many, took a friend home... instead of getting to sleep early like I had planned. I get emergency call from her to come back and pick her up. Ended up being well after 4 am when I got to sleep... it was 7 am and I could not sleep (coughing) darn cold has me messed up with the med so I can't make heads or tails which one is more insistant at keeping me awake.

Oh on the drinking - killer headache (I usually don't get headaches at all) so I will watch better not to drink with this med.

Now since it is the weekend, and I have got my coughing under control, I will try to go back to sleep.

I was prescribed strattera about 8 months ago but only took it for 3 months. I would have severe stomach problems and thought I had the flu the first month, but after the 2-3 month I realized that when it was getting closer to my menstrual I would get soooo sick tha I would have to be in bed or bathroom and I had to stop taking this medication and went back to Adderall. I have been on other meds, but Stratterra was the worse ever for me.

  ja, did you see my early posting about the same experiences you have mentioned.  I had the samilar cramping experience in my prostrate.  It was the final straw for me too.  I told my female psychiatrist about it.  She seemed comfuzed as this side effect was not listed in the "sexual side effects" listed in the Ely Lillie literature.

Please execute a search for author oldman56 to see the other postings I have made on this topic over the last 4 months.


Hey Oldman56,

Yeah, I just read it.  So, what's going on with Eli Lilly?  I know you and I are not the only ones who have had this problem.  I've read other posts too.  My male doctor was also suprised.  My guess it that most men are embarassed to get into the details of this negative side-effect.  It makes me angry that this kind of stuff happens with "FDA" approved medications.  I mean, I'm not stupid.  I know they knew this was an issue.  I wish we can start a class action lawsuit.  This med made me afraid to have sex  (Fear didn't last too long...I am a man, you see!  )  I was afraid of what may happen next time.  Luckily, this effect went away pretty quickly.  I was sure abstain for a few days afterward while it left my system.  I'm going to start a new post on this particular subject alone.  I want to know if more men have had this side effect.  Though it will be embarassing.  I hope others will speak up.



I have been on strattera for 3 weeks now and I have had EXTREME Fatigue and increased menstral cramping and moodiness/crabby.

My stomach is so/so and I do not really eat anything. It is hard to tell if the medication is working because I am so tired. Today is may last day on it and I am going to try ritilan.




Second try for me on Strattera.  First time was 2 weeks ago.  Starting dose of 40 mg.  Terrible side effects!  Constipated to the point where I finally had to take a laxative after er, umn 9 days!  I've never really been regular when it comes to that, but never did I go longer than 4 or 5 days. 

Profuse sweating to the point of dripping sweat with very little activity to cause it.

Mild headaches.  Very depressed, cranky, moody.  Throwing things.  Yelling at people.  Got in huge fight with husband over something stupid. 

BP went from 120/80 up to 150/90 (after 2 days of the med).  Pulse went from 72 up to 106. 

Doc said to get off for a week, see if BP goes down, if so, start again.  Only this time I decided to start with 20mg instead of 40.  Started 20 yesterday.  What a difference!  I felt great yesterday!  Got housework done in half the time.  Normally takes me 6 hours to clean house, yesterday, 3 hours! 

Worked on project today going through all my moms jewelry and photographs (she died 4 years ago).  Been trying to get through this project for a year.  I got through it all between yesterday evening and today!  I went through it all!  And today I cleaned my studio which was an absolute mess. 

So I'm thinking I was just taking too much for my body chemistry.  I now feel that this may be the drug for me.  Recently diagnosed and this is my first ADD drug.  I'm very hopeful and optimistic now! 

So for those that may be having problems, try a slower ramp up.  Many people on another forum told me I was ramping up too fast and I think they were right! 

I'll keep you all posted on my progress and side effects. 

Oh, and I bought a big bag of dried prunes yesterday. 

[/QUOTE] Rae70

Gee, do you have to be so harsh? I agree, but would not refer to the people as being sickly. No! There have been no positive responses to that new wonderful drug strattera. I think that it's good for everyone to come here and let it all out in regards to the new medicine. It helps people like us who may have been considering the new medication. I will stay far, far, away from strattera since I always seem to be so sensitive to medication and I really appreciate the stories that you guys post.


I am now up to 60 mg straterra and 30 mg effexor.  Went in to see my shrink today to up my effexor but my BP was 180/120.  Scared the sh%# out of her.  I am now on my way to the ER to see if we can get the BP down.  I hate going to the ER but I have no choice.  I am very happy with this combo of meds.  My main concern was to find a combo that would help me focus on text for school work.  I am afraid that the Straterra may be what is elevating my BP.  I am sure they'll want me to come off of the straterra and I'll be back to struggling through my lessons again.

For what its worth, I have been on Straterra now for nearly 2 months and have notice improvement in focus but not in any other area of ADD symptoms.  Maybe that will just have to due for now assuming that I can remain on the medications.

Crikeys - you guys have all convinced me to stay unmedicated.

Life is chaotic but doesnt sound as full of sickliness as you guys.  You all would not make a good add for the STratera makers

 NightStar, My primary care prescribed ambien for me.  It was not enough to help me sleep well.  My psych prescribed Trazidone, which works well; however, do not plan on doing anything complex for about 6-8 hours after taking it.



I have no depression that I know of.  So I was only taking wellbutrine for ADD.  I started on 40mg for 4 days and have been on 60mg for 4 days.  I am starting to wonder if there is any drug therapy effective for me at all.  I notice no improvement in focus or impulsivity.   I have noticed a habit that I have that may be a key to my reading problem.  I am not certain that I would have noticed it had I not been taking the straterra.

Most of us report having to re-read paragraphs over again after catching ourselves wandering off in the middle of our reading and this is true for me as well.  But I have recently started catching myself re-reading short lines of text that I had just read without having wandered off.  I'll read the first half of a short sentence and then instead of continuing on with the rest of the sentence, I'll read the first half of the sentence again and again.  Then I'll move on to the rest of the sentence.  The way I discovered this habit was when I started taking a speed reading course  afew weeks ago and wasn't progressing the way the program said that I should.

I was wondering if anyone else had this habit as well and if so, whether or not straterra has helped in this area.  I suspect that, rather than a function of ADD, this is merely a force of bad reading habits picked up over many years.  I don't think that I engage in this habit when I am reading something particularly interesting though.

What about you guys and gals?


Well today will be my 5th day taking med - last night I was just so tired that I slept all the way through with no problem.

My killer headache from yesterday - is gone.

I don't have any benefits yet of improved concentration, catch my mind still wandering as usual, I think that I am prone to irritability a bit more.

I always re-read things, but I have trouble concentrating to absorb the meaning of words and want to keep at it until I am sure before I respond to people. But I have been on message boards 1 1/2 years now and it is important to me to understand people that I am helping... with the work I am doing.

Sometimes I have to re-read 3 or 4 times, cause out here, people don't use the best english.. or the spelling, or short hand being used is just so hard to follow.

Hello board!  I have been lurking in this forum for some time, but have now finally signed up to begin posting.

I am 31 and was dxd with ADHD about 6 months ago.  Since then I have been attempting to find the right mix of meds to control my symptoms and am slowly, but surely, getting there.

nbjazmin wrote that they often find themselves saying 'what' when someone says something, and then before the person can repeat it, they have figured out what was initially said.  I do this all of the time!! In fact, friends often say that I have a hearing problem or accuse me of ignoring them b/c of this.  It was interesting to read that this is something that happens to others as well.  I am curious if this is a common symptom of ADHD as we are unable to completely focus on what is being said as we are being stimulated by everything else around us and can't block the other items out?

I am currently taking Straterra combined with Adderall and am working on finding the right mix.  Straterra at doses above 40mg makes me irritable and I just don't feel well.  So, I tried to take a break from this and only go with Adderall, but Adderall didn't seem to keep me from fidgeting as much as Straterra did.  A weird thing happened though when I was taking my break from Straterra...after about 4 days off of Straterra (and only being on 7.5mg of adderall 2-3 times per day) I felt incredibly motivated and could concentrate on everything.  However, this then subsided after a few days and I felt back to the way I was before.  I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes the levels of norepinephrine to return back to normal after taking Straterra.  My theory is that for a few days my chemicals were in a good balance and allowed me to be productive and motivated.  This was as the norepinephrine was changing due to stopping the straterra.  I am curious if anyone else has had similar experiences? My Dr has now put me on 25mg of straterra once a day to see if this will be enough to balance things out for me.  Of course, I am still also taking the Adderall at 7.5mg 2-3 times per day.

Thanks for any information!

Hello Everyone,

I have a question, Do any of you that are on this new drug Strattera have any weight loss or gain? I have read about many different side effects but nothing about weigh loss or gain. I want to know how it affects people concerning their appetite. I am currently on Ritalin and considering Strattera but I have a problem with irritability that comes natural and if I add the wrong medication into my life it could be disastrous. I also have a problem with motivation and if it were not for the Ritalin I would sleep all the time. I have hormonal imbalances, which causes irritability so I don't need a drug to causes more irritability. From reading all the input from the experiences from everybody it seems as if the drug works more like an antidepressant. A lot of the side effects I was reading sounded like me when I use to take antidepressants......I HATE ANTIDEPRESSANTS!!!! They brought me way down.


 I used to get the "mood swings" during the day.  I related it to missing a dose of medication at the scheduled time.  My daughter and I talked about this and we came to the conclusion that we were dealing with the following seanario :

I have a General Contracting license, and run a small dryrot and remodling business.  I used to take 10mg and 20mgSR Methelphenidate in the morning.  It takes about 15 minutes before I start to feel less tired and depressed, then I say "ok maybe I can do this today".  In about 20 minutes I am feeling positive and ready to get up and go to work.  I work and focus and feel productive for about 4 hours then I start to have to work at working (unconsiously at this point).  At the 5 hour mark, I am using a lot of energy to stay focused, and I slip into a OCD mindset, I am going to do this if it kills me sort of attitude.  Finally, I realize, I am stumbling around and not doing anything.  I am hungry, mad at screwing somthing up and frustrated.  I stop drop my tools and sitdown to eat something.  I get tired, take my pm meds, and take a 20-40 min nap.  I wake up feeling rested and motivated to continue; however, many times I have to undo and redue something I screwed up after my meds wore off.  The loss time in productivity, and needing to rest, is driving me to work late into the evening to have a full productive day.

My daughter did not like to take medication at school and become labbled "Mental".   My wife discussed this with the PED an he recommended Ritalin LA.  I tried a couple of her 20s (please donot turn me in).  What a difference!!  I used  take the ten in the morning now I save it for a long day i.e. late concrete pour which I have to massage for a couple of hours late into the evening.  The LA capsuals have timed release short acting micro pills, for quickly bringing the blood level concentrations up to theraputic levels, and others that are staged to desolve thru out about 10 hours.

 When talking to your doctor, do not use any street level idoms like amp up, or come on, like an additive personality might use - my doctor was concerned about adult addiction when I told her I liked the 10mg as they come on quickly.  She was concerned that with out any parental control - like I am 57 years old taking Ritalin for 5 years - I might become addicted.  I finaly gained her confidence, and we are ralating as adult to adult.

 I had to get authorization to get Ritalin LA from my healthcare company, cuz it cost more.  It is so worth it!!  I do not get any of the swings, consitant productivity, no OCD incidents, and I do not have to remember to take my medication.

Try it, you will like it. (Mikee likes it)


  I am grateful to hear so many responses to this poll.  I was feeling all alone for a while, like a lab rat being used to test a new "non stimulating ADD drug".  I reiterate, I felt stimulated !! It may not be classified as a controlled substance; however, it affects me that way.  From some of the symptoms others describe, it is having the same effect on others (male sex organs constriction).  I opted to dump Strattera, because I was concerned by the long term affects on my prostrate.  I am amazed that some are taking 120 mg.  I was feeling very tense and wired on 60mg.  I am back on Ritalin and have tried the new LA which is very steady and transparent.  It is available as a free 30 day trial offer is a prescription is written for it.

Good to hear from you all.  I really appreciate having a honest and open exchange about this topic.


Sorry if I'm bumping this post up at all... I'm new here, too.

I found this after searching Google (something I use as a last resort, as I was expecting mostly advertisements) and I'm delighted to see there is a forum devoted to this, as there is a forum devoted to my car. This seems like that forum, where you can actually find ANSWERS.

I just took my first pill of Strattera, after being prescribed earlier by my new MD. I'm 19, and diagnosed with AD(H)D in '01 (summer before Soph. year of HS) just as it was pretty much too late to avail myself of any possible benefits of study habits.. I barely scraped through High School (graduated solely on the luck of having a teacher that was nice enough to change my one failing grade to a passing) and now am struggling to be an adult. I'm horrible with money, have pretty much wrecked my car (minor accidents, but I now need a new car, and owe money) and on top of that have pretty much pissed my parents off to the point that they're throwing their hands up, because every couple days it seems like I've screwed something else up. Obviously I need more than a pill, but it's damn frustrating, I'll tell you that much.

I'm not really sure what to expect from this. I'm switching from Adderall, 2 20MG pills in the morning. That was the ideal dose, just that the medicine was an appetite inhibitor, and I have some suspicion it's toyed with my sex drive some, though I've honestly not researched that. I've taken Concerta and Ritalin before, and Adderall seemed to be the choice to make since those didn't work. Now I'm trying something else new... :-

I'll keep you posted on any side effects. I'm not looking forward to the ejaculatory pains some have described here, that really isn't something that should be an issue. I'll describe anything I notice without reservation, though you have to promise not to make fun of my descriptions. :p

Thanks for having this forum!

  Even if they know there are negative side effects, the investors are pushing them to get some return to cover the R&D.  If they can slide it by the FDA as a perfect solution to Adult ADD (keep all of us from becoming addicted to stimulants) then they can start to cover their costs.  Eventually it will become common knowledge that this drug has a lot of negative side effects.  The Docs will start listenting to their patients, read some AMA article about it and stop prescribing it.  

Lilly's hoping they can find a solution for the side effects, and put out a new and improved product before sales drop off to sharply.

This forum is getting more popular as we write.  I would like to know who is the administrator behind this forum.  How many hits are they getting each day?  I also wonder if any of the drug companies are lurking in the wings or monitering the traffic (i.e. informal research on actual users not study participants.)

I hope someone in FDA is monitoring this forum, they would get an ear full.

Enjoy sharing with uall.  Sharing is caring.


FWIW, on the PI sheet that comes with the sample packs . . . it basically says that they really can't say what the sexual side effects are with the med because people usually are not comfortable to share that information during the drug trials. 

Yeah, right.    They just didn't want to publish them, me thinks. 

It must really hit different people a different way. I am on 70MG a day (take it before bedtime). I find a few problems with sleep, but not many.

The other side effects have been very minimal. So far it is treating me better than speed. It seems to help my symptoms a lot.

My only concerns are the unknown long-term effects and the possibility that it really is addictive (although they say it is not).


Well I just start Strattera myself.  I guess I never realized I had ADD.  I always joked that I did, but then a friend who has it asked me if I ever wondered why I was the only one not paying attention in classes in college.  He had a point.  Not to mention I can ask someone a question, stare right into their eyes, and then zone out.  So far I haven't had any problems with the drug.  I took 25 mg for two days, then skipped the next two days of 25 and jumped right to 40mg.

Seeing that I've never taken anything for it before I'm not sure what to expect.  Although yesterday, I was sitting in my cubicle and though it seemed "quiet" even though it is always quiet, which was strange.  I don't know if this is a side effect, but I've been freezing for the last two days.  Especially when I've been at the gym.  I sweat, but I'm cold, and that was doing some hard core leg routines and racquetball.  That is messing with me because I am NEVER cold.  And on top of that I live in Arizona and it has been over 100 degrees that last two days.  I'll keep you updated and see what happens.


I am unsure what to expect here.  When I went to the Dr. on Monday morning he took me completely off the Dexedrine Spansules that I was taking twice a day.  He also cut back my Zoloft from 1 pill (100 mg) to 1/2 pill (50 mg) than told me to start taking 2 Straterra after supper.  My pharmacist seemed rather concerned that he cut me off the Dexedrine cold turkey.  She said she was concerned because of the fact that I drive for a living and she was afraid of my going through a withdrawl.  She said Dexedrine is very addicting.  I don't know what kind of withdrawl symptoms to be looking for, Does anyone else here know?  I am a 36 year old woman, and I am a little concerned about switching medications when things seemed to be okay for the most part with the meds I was on. 

Last night, was the first night I took the Staterra and I had an awful night of sleep.  He told me the reason I should take it at night was so that it doesn't affect me during the day while I am driving.  Because he said it makes you tired and I shouldn't take it before driving.  Now my problem is that I was awake most of the night and I am still tired while driving because I didn't get but maybe an 1 or 2 hours of sleep last night and not all in one shot.  Can anyone tell me how long it takes for the side affects to wear off??????

Really confused as to whether this was a good idea or not......

Have a good evening,



Straterra worked for me in helping me stay organized and focused, I had intense sleepiness and mood swings. I awoke about 4 am every morning and tossed and turned.  That wears off for some, but I went off.

Good luck, stay safe.



I could not take Strattera at night.  I take it in the morning or mid morning.  I also take Concerta in the morning.  The side effects of Strattera pretty much went away although I do still take it with food because of the nausea effect it can have. I would call Doc and tell him about your not sleeping well.  That can affect your performance(Driving) also.  Maybe you should wait for a day off and see how it makes you feel.  Also, I am surprised any doc would take you off of dexedrine cold turkey.  Doctors I know want to stop taking any meds gradually even if it is Prozac.  I would call doc and just let him know your concerns.  You don't need to be driving if you were awake all night.

I was only on Strattera for 3 days and I got some nasty headaches from it. Didnt even notice any changes focus wise... Dropped that and got on Concerta/Ritalin and it works like a champ.


Unfortunately, for me, the sleeplessness side effect of Strattera never did wear off.  I stayed on it for 24 days until I could take it no longer.  I did like the increase in concentration, focus, and productivity.  However, the benefits were more than outweighed by the sleep loss.  My symptoms did lessen over time, but then they got worse again around day 21.  I did have some nausea issues as well, but as Dixiepeep said, eating before taking the med helped with that.

I _did_ notice that I slept (somewhat) better when I took the medication in the morning.  I was cautioned by my counselor to _not_ take it too late. 

No advice for you really, just my story about Straterra.  My experience is that you either love Strattera or hate it.  I _do_ know your sleeping pain tho'.  Good luck!


I have been taking Strattera for 6 days. My side effects have been insomnia, (which is really a big deal since I take klonopin at bedtime to sleep and it usually takes an act of God to wake me up), urinary problems and orgasm problems.

The last 2 are very related. I apologize if this too much information but I want to know if anyone else has experienced it.

During sex, about 10 seconds before I would normally orgasm, I ejaculate but I don't really feel it and it still feels like I'm about to orgasm but I don't. Then everything starts to hurt. Not like a kick in the groin but sharp pains in my testicles and the tip of my penis. Then I feel like I really need to urinate but when I try nothing come out or just a few drops.

Right now I am taking 18mg in the morning and these side effects stay with me around the clock. I can't imagine going up to 25 or the goal of 40.

Any other people have this experience and if so what did you do about it? Wait it out or stop the medicine?


  Hi, Its been 1.5 months since I stopped taking Strattera and I am so much better.  I had the symptoms listed in the Poll, and some that are too personal to put out in a public forum.  I definately had the problems with painful ejaculations and intense cramping in my prostrate.  This was the most troubling for me and the ultimate straw that motivated me to tell my Psych that I did not want to take Strattera.

I was really concerned about the long term affects on prostrate health.  I do not see anything in the trials literature that discuss this problem, and I am interested to hear that other men are experiencing this problem.  It is a strong negative reenforcement to having sex.

I can understand your doc taking you off dexi prior to starting Strattera.  I tried to continue on Ritalin and strarted to take Strattera.  I was very tense and feeling irratable.  Strattera may not be classified as a stimulant; however, it affected me more than Ritalin ever did.

I think the docs must be getting indoctrinated with this lie by the Eli Lilly reps.  My sense is they are probably offering lots of free samples and possibly "spiffs" for converting patients to Strattera.

The anti stimulant faction of the medical profession are ignorant to the fact that stimulants ie dexi, methalfenadate, concerta, etc. accually calm ADDers down and lessen the sense of anxiety.  My pharmacist tells me that Ritalin is the "Gold Standard" by which other ADD medications are evaluated.

Stimulants have been working for so long for so many people.  I really wonder how many people who get relief from ADD symptoms with stimulants would accually abuse them.  Their is no incentive for me to use more stimulants than I need to feel focused and productive.

Sorry to hear that more and more people are being subjected to the non-stimulating Strattera lie.  I can say that if you do not like the negative side effects, you can say you do not want to take it and you want to go back to the Gold Standard that is tried and proven by millions.

Be  proactive, it is your life Lilly is trying to screw up so they can make some money.


Right now I'm on a free trial from my Doctor. I did try Ritalin and had mixed results. I seemed to have a bit more focus but had a lot more general agitation than I'm used to so I asked him about switching to strattera for its non-stimulant hype.

I am not defending Lilly as a whole but in my case they certainly aren't to blame. My research today however has shown that there are a lot of people who aren't happy with Strattera and for that, I blame Lilly :)

Thanks for the followup and I do hope that everyone takes the end of what you said to heart "It is your life"

I personally don't let doctors prescribe medicine they chose. I tell them what I want. Sadly,  I dropped the ball on this one and didn't do the normal extensive research that I typically do.

So to add to what Oldman56 says, don't let the doctors who are being influenced by the drug companies decide for you. Do your research, then tell the doctor what you want to do and support it with your findings. Learn a lot about the medicines. What doses do they come in? What is the half-life? Is there a generic? What drug family is it in? What are the side effects? What are the comments like the ones on this board? What medicines are contra-indicated with the one you are researching?

Put all of that together and your doctor will pretty much let you decide for yourself and ask your doctor if your research has missed anything and have them double check any contra-indications.

Hi.  This response is in regard to the "sexual side effects" of strattera.  I started strattera about six months ago.  My doctor suggested that it was a bad idea to take a stimulant because of some addiction in my family history (not my personal history, though).  [Ladies please skip to "NON-PERSONAL STUFF below.  Thanks.]

I experienced, ahem, um... exteme "morning wood", and much waiting before I could urinate in the morning.  There was also some leakage of seminal fluid when I urinated.  I was so eager for a "cure" for my ADD that I waited it out.  Both of these went away after a couple of weeks.  Nonetheless, I have been able to determine no tangible benefit from the Strattera.  And I believe that it still takes longer to urinate than it used to.  I've read so many posts on these side effects that I'm surprised, as one poster above said, that it's not in the literature.  A lot of posters have suggested that these are a result of some swelling of the prostate.  If this is true, it really should be in the lit.  Also, the person experiencing extreme sexual side effects at 18mg should be concerned (I was on 120mg w/ minor side effects, if anything related to your "little brain" can be considered minor).

At any rate, I had read enough on various forums to learn that the stimulants generally are much more effective for most.  It seems one in five, maybe, really benefit from the Strattera.  And I understand the comment above about the docs seeming to be "pro-Strattera".  I decided to try a stim when I read that studies indicate LACK of stimulant treatment for ADD is more likely to contribute to substance abuse than monitored stimulant treatment.  I fortunately found a therapist who has ADD and takes ritalin, who substantiated my findings with her own opinion, and helped me talk to my psychiatrist about this.  I also do not have health insurance right now, so I scoured the internet until I found a website called "", which directed me to an application for the drug co.'s "patient assistance program", to which I have applied for subsidized (free with a co-pay) Ritalin until I am again insured.

So, the long and short of it is that (after what has seemed like a monumental battle) I have now been on ritalin for 2 weeks, and so far the effects are astounding.  It was a little rough the first week, as you have to learn to time your doses very strategically to avoid a wearing-off dip in mood.  I'm getting it worked out, though.  Objectively, people are reacting to me as if my whole demeanor has changed for the positive.  Subjectively, I have started feeling periods of an almost startling sense of calm or serenity.  Yikes!  Life is supposed to be more frenetic!  I think I can get used to this, though!  Hope it lasts!  I've had two job interviews in the last week, and they felt like the first interviews I've had in a while that I was not trying to "put on a good facade for an hour", and I wasn't thinking "of course this work will bore the pants off of me, but I need dough like anyone."

Oh, yes, Strattera.  My doc insisted I remain on it while we independently gauge the effectiveness of the ritalin; but if all continues to go well, I'd like to drop it entirely.

-tactile jones

From what my Dr says it is very important to work up slowly to Strattera.  His prescription was 25mg for 3-5 days, 50mg for 3-5 days, 75mg for 3-5 days, etc, up to 120 mg, and that the full effect (if any) wouldn't be observed for 4-6 weeks.  I'm up to 100mg and have only noticed the slight delay in urination.  It's much more subtle than Concerta or Adderall which I like because the roller-coaster of Concerta and Adderall was a bit much for me.  Does Adderall work longer than 6-7 hours for anyone?  It always dropped me down in the middle of the afternoon to the point I took a second dose at 3pm.  I was only on 15mg but 20mg made me a zombie.


Eskimo38099.0244328704  I was recently told by my doc to try Strattera at night instead of the AM.  Will let you know how I make out.

Sebboe, I am replying to your post.  I have the exact same side effects you described (10 sec early, pleasureless orgasm followed by sharp pains in the testicles).  I'm lucky to have the greatest Psychiatrist in the world and will be addressing this with him soon.  I will post his reply when available.

I'm also having sleeping problems, exactly as described by others.  Originally I did strattera in the AM however because it was making me sleepy in the office it was recommended that I switch to PM dosing.  Was fine for a while until my dose broke 50mg.  Heck, nowadays I had a better time sleeping on Dexedrine.

Also, I'm currently doing 3 meds - Dexedrine Spansule, Zoloft, and Strattera.  I've heard rumours about severe side effects when combining Zoloft and Strattera...anyone know what these are.

BTW:  This is my first post.  Hi to everyone.  I am a 33yr old lifetime fighter of ADHD.  Somehow I just discovered this forum, it seems promising!

Day 5 for me.  Just stepped up from 25mg to 40mg on the way to 80mg after 4 more days.  I've had: appetite loss (slight) which eased than kicked in again after upping dosage, very mild headaches that ease after a day or so, ejaculatory changes (tho not unpleasant), sleep issues (waking often) although I have NEVER been tired.  Possibly some urinary issues but slight if at all.  POSITIVES:  After 3 days on meds I had the most productive, focused, NON-impulsive day at work in many many weeks/months.  My head feels clear and my thinking linear and consistent.  I AM VERY ENCOURAGED WITH THE EARLY RESULTS!  Again I'm only on day 5.  I'm a 39 yr old male and was just "diagnosed" by a counselor I found on a Lilly website.  My guess is Lilly is NOT the devil and that Strat works for some and not others.

Glad i found you guys ... I didn't think ANYONE felt/acted/thought the way I do.  I'm not alone.


Second try for me on Strattera.  First time was 2 weeks ago.  Starting dose of 40 mg.  Terrible side effects!  Constipated to the point where I finally had to take a laxative after er, umn 9 days!  I've never really been regular when it comes to that, but never did I go longer than 4 or 5 days. 

Profuse sweating to the point of dripping sweat with very little activity to cause it.

Mild headaches.  Very depressed, cranky, moody.  Throwing things.  Yelling at people.  Got in huge fight with husband over something stupid. 

BP went from 120/80 up to 150/90 (after 2 days of the med).  Pulse went from 72 up to 106. 

Doc said to get off for a week, see if BP goes down, if so, start again.  Only this time I decided to start with 20mg instead of 40.  Started 20 yesterday.  What a difference!  I felt great yesterday!  Got housework done in half the time.  Normally takes me 6 hours to clean house, yesterday, 3 hours! 

Worked on project today going through all my moms jewelry and photographs (she died 4 years ago).  Been trying to get through this project for a year.  I got through it all between yesterday evening and today!  I went through it all!  And today I cleaned my studio which was an absolute mess. 

So I'm thinking I was just taking too much for my body chemistry.  I now feel that this may be the drug for me.  Recently diagnosed and this is my first ADD drug.  I'm very hopeful and optimistic now! 

So for those that may be having problems, try a slower ramp up.  Many people on another forum told me I was ramping up too fast and I think they were right! 

I'll keep you all posted on my progress and side effects. 

Oh, and I bought a big bag of dried prunes yesterday. 

Kimo - what other forums have you been to regarding ADD?  I'm always looking for new info ...

There are 2 other forums I belong to:

And the forum at the Amen Clinic:

Then on the list of items on the left side of the screen click on "forums"

Both of these (especially the first one) should keep you busy for awhile! 

Changing things up a little.  I have been taking 60mg Strattera in the morning followed by 25mg in the afternoon.  I found that the 25mg in the afternoon wasn't helping that much and caused some sleep difficulties.  What I am trying now, and it seems to be much more benificial, is 60mg Strattera in the morning and a prescription of Neurontin 300mg on hand for anxiety spells.  I feel great but I still have the post-urination ejaculation side effect (extremely annoying, specially when I am at a public urinal and appear to be camping out just a bit too long after taking care of business).

Hi all,

I'm new to the board and have been lurking for about a week.  Out of all the boards I've looked at this one seems to be the most level headed.  So I thought I would throw in my two cents on Strattera.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I'm on day six at 60mg which is where the doc wants me and I have had very few side effects.  As some of the males have said there is a burnig sensation after I ejaculate but not bad enough to be bothered with and my appitight has deminished (I need to loose a few pounds anyway). 

The positives though are fantastic.  I've just recently found out that I even have ADD and now that I'm taking meds it's like some one lifted a vale.  I truly did not realize how messed up I was.  Thank God my wife is a patient person.  She is the one who led me to realize I'm a ADDult when she showed me information about ADD, concerning my daughter, who is also ADD.

I know that I'v not gone into a lot of detail but I hope that knowing that some people have positive results from Stattera will help someone.  If anyone is interested I can post more details.  I just figured I've been long winded enough for now (something I could not do two weeks ago).

I've not seen the depression (only 2 weeks) or mood swings.  But I'm also on Paxil for "acting like my father"        I have had some other side effects (hard to sleep a full night, dry mouth) Most of all my sex drive (which was relatively healthy) went through the roof!!  Almost always feel like I'm ready.   The other night we had sex, watched CSI, had sex again, and I woke up the next morning ready to go again.  As long as I drink a lot of water and don't try to go to sleep till I'm good and tired, I'm not finding any problems yet!!

I've been trying to ramp up to a dose greater than 40 mg but every time I try I get extremely depressed and agitated.  I've even tried splitting the dose into 2 25 mg doses.  But it seems anymore than 40 mg in a 24 hour period makes me depressed.  And 40 mg doesn't really help my symptoms at all. 

Plus at 25 mg twice a day, I can't stay asleep.  Been awake since 4 am this morning.  But I don't feel rested.

The profuse sweating and constipation are really starting to get to me as well. 

The doc won't prescribe anything else for me because 30 years ago when I was in high school I took amphetamines.  Never mind that I haven't abused any drugs since that time.  But I guess one must pay for all their "mistakes" for the rest of their life, huh? 

So I don't know what I'm going to do.  Guess that's what I get for being honest with my doctor.  That's the last time I'll be doing that! 

Maybe you need a second opinion.  (Just be honest with the second Doc too.)

Mine has me on 80 mg (40 twice a day) but I'm not seeing nearly the side effects of some on 1/2 that much.  I don't sleep worth sqwat, but I've never needed more than 6 hour a night.)

kimo -- That's sheer lunacy!  I was on Adderall XR (4 different amphetamine salts) when I started Strattera.  Different people respond differently to the same drug.  My Dr told me that it took 4-6 weeks to see if Strattera was effective for any particular individual.  Apparently experience is showing that amphetamines slow down the effectiveness of Strattera, so now they are wait 6-8 weeks to see if Strattera works.  I voluntarily stopped the Adderall because I didn't want to delay the Strattera.   The other thing about Strattera is that you have to work up to it.  I took 25 mg for 3 days, 50 mg for 3 days, 75 mg for 3 days, then 100 for a week.  Now I'm at 120 mg (all in the morning) and it's working fine.  I had some side effects at 50 mg, but I just hung in there.  I don't think Strattera is as effective for ADD as Adderall XR 20 mg, but it doesn't have the roller-coaster effect either.  Strattera works perhaps 75% as well as Adderall, but it works 24/7.  I can even get to sleep because my racing thoughts are diminished.   Erik

Guncrazy -- I have had all of the same side affects as those that you describe, plus my hands seem to get cold very easily.

I have been taking Strattera now for about six months, and it has helped my concentration. But, these sexual side effects do not go away without treatment.

Apparently the Strattera causes blood and other vessels to constrict -- thus, your genitals respond as if you've been standing outside in the middle of the winter.

My suggestion is that you talk to your doc about Flomaxx. It alleviates the constriction of your vessels. If I take one Flomaxx every evening, I feel like my old sexual self.

mol13491 (54 year old male)


Thank you for being so forthright.  I think that most of the members of this forum are as well and this is what makes for a successfull and informative forum.  Please continue to keep us all posted as to your progress.  Personally, I have been on wellbutrin for 11 days @ 100mg/day.  I have noticed no improvement in focus and no improvment in libido.  I still have 10 more days to go before I can increase my dosage to 300mg/day.  I am told that I should then start to see improvement.

Guncrazy -- I've felt many of the same feelings -- but they've passed.  I've worked my way up (slowly) to 120 mg Strattera / day and it's leveled off.  No more weird orgasms, in fact it's all balanced out.

Strattera is a weird drug.  It takes time to have an effect.  My prescription was for 25 mg for 3-5 days, 50 mg for 3-5 days, 75 mg for 3-5 days, 100 mg for 3-5 days, then 120 mg forever.  I had some strange feelings earlier, but now I've been on 120 mg for a month, all the weird stuff has gone away. 

I don't think Strattera is as effective as Adderall for my ADD, but I also don't get the rollercoaster ride I did with Adderall.  I'm going to keep on it for another couple of months to see it through.  I do hate the sweats, though.

Does anyone else sweat as much as I do??


Eskimo - yes I sweat bullets!    It's pretty bad.  At 40 mg and up and just sweat profusely.  To the point of dripping sweat sitting in an air conditioned room.  I had the lab (where I work) so cold the other day everyone was walking around in coats and sweaters while I was still sweating. 

It was embarrasing cuz I give lectures and training once a month to customers on digital printing and we had 16 customers last week and I raised my arms to do something during the training and I could not believe the smell!  Sorry for being so blunt.  But the lady standing next to me literally backed away from me.  It was embarrasing to say the least.  This was at the end of the day and my shower and deodorant had long been sweated out! 

I'm down to 25 mg a day but of course there are no benefits in that small amount.  I'm also experiencing depression and anger even at 25 mg.  I see my doc tonight so we'll see what happens. 


Thanks for letting me know my case isn't unique, Mol13491.  I'm going to hold off on adding new meds for now, since I really don't like taking them (I resisted seeking meds for my ADD for over a decade).  I'm hoping for an experience more like Eskimo's where everything adjusts itself.

Anyway, I just thought I'd add an update to my last post.  Day five on Strattera now, and this morning I did notice a slight decrease in flow during urination.  Also, when I was finished, I had the feeling of not being able to "turn off the faucet."  It was like the muscles which control the opening between the bladder and urethra didn't want to close again, and would just let urine drip through as it arrived from the kidneys.  Since my bladder was empty, I went ahead and got dressed, and later noticed that the feeling had passed without me wetting myself.

In my last post, I reported a strange feeling while falling asleep.  I can add to that this morning.  During that time between sleep and wakefulness, I've started experiencing "vivid audio dreams."  Early this morning, I woke thinking that I heard the dog barking.  I went to check on her, but everything was okay.  As I was trying to get back to sleep, several times I clearly heard my kids calling me, or crying, but each time I'd check on them, I'd find them fast asleep.  I guess I adjusted to this pretty quickly, because when my wife called for me to get up this morning, I ignored her for a while.

So far, I haven't heard any voices while wide awake, but I'll keep you all posted.

New to the forum, fourth day on Strattera.

I tried Ritalin a couple of years ago, but it didn't seem to do much for me.

Now that I'm taking Strattera, I feel that I am better able to concentrate--to focus on whatever task I'm doing.  However, since I've only been taking it four days, this may just be a placebo effect.  What is indisputable, though, is that today and yesterday, I was able to get more work done than I did the entire week before.  Also, for the first time I can remember, I was able to take an overnight trip without forgetting to pack something, to the utter amazement of my wife.

To her dismay, however, the willy ain't workin'.  I'm going to be quite blunt here, but from Strattera Day One, I noticed what the data sheets vaguely refer to as "sexual dysfunction."  For me, this has meant several things.  On day one, I was unable to maintain an erection. 

On days two and three, I noticed that I was no longer waking up with "morning wood" like I usually do.  Libido was suppressed, although I was becoming rather anxious to have a spontaneous erection.  (It was at this point that I hit the net and found this forum.)  I also noticed on day three a slight burning sensation at the end of my urethra when I urinated, but had no problems or hesitation doing so.

On day four (today), while urinating, I noticed that my penis seemed smaller, both in length and girth.  Furthermore, my scrotum was acting like it was the dead of winter, although we're at the beginning of summer in Florida.  On the other hand (no pun intended), I was able to achieve and maintain an erection with some coaxing.

Sex was not as pleasurable as usual, but this may have been, in part, due to anxiety.  Definitely not due to anxiety, however, was the odd orgasm.  Ejaculation occurred about ten seconds before the sensation of climax.  Afterwards, there was a slight ache in my testicles, like I had been lightly kicked, but it faded away rather quickly.

The only other non-sexual side effects that I have noticed while taking Strattera are an increased heart rate sometimes, and a strange, otherworldly feeling that I (obviously) can't describe well when I am trying to fall asleep.  Oh, also, I am both eating and spending money less impulsively--but this may be due to my worries about the price of my prescription (About 0.00 for sixty 40-mg capsules--one month's supply).

For now, I plan to keep on taking Strattera, unless it gives me further reason to fear a spontaneous sex change.  I want to give it an honest trial of a few weeks, to see if my ability to concentrate improves, to see if my memory improves, and to see if my creativity (which I attribute to a mind that is constantly bouncing thoughts against each other), is retained.

My wife, who is Chinese, has said that Strattera has moved all of my energy from one brain to the other.  Hopefully, given some time to adjust, I'll have enough energy for both of them.

  I appreciate the validation about the negative male side affects.  I wonder if it affects females the same way?  I am glad risking my credibility by discussing these issues in public was helpful to someone else.

I am very nervious about trying it again.  I am getting by well on Ritalin 30 am and 20 pm, as well as 450 of Wellbutrin XL am.

 I also wonder if there could be some positive aspect to the side affects, if Strattera were to be used to increase sexual libedo. 


I didn't know I had ADD until a couple of years ago, when both my career and marital relationship seemed to be falling apart.

I have been taking Strattera now for about 6 months, after Wellbutrin (no help).

Like some others on this topic, I also had some negative male side effects -- more frequent urination at night, and some loss of libido.

My Doc had given me Effexor at the same time that I started Strattera. It seemed that the Effexor caused me almost complete loss of libido and difficulty in urinating at any time. My Doc prescribed Flomaxx which counteracted both the frequent urination and the libido loss. Thus, I would suggest consideration of Flomaxx for anyone experiencing negative male side effects from Strattera or other meds.

I am now up to 120mg a day of Strattera, which does seem to be helping me with ADD more than anything else I have tried. I tapered off the Effexor--my doc and I decided that I needed help with ADD more than with depression.

Like another member, another minor side effect of Strattera for me has been profuse sweating (upper body). This seems to happen primarily when I skip meals and drink too much coffee or tea to compensate. I can avoid this by sticking to regular mealtimes, whether I am hungry or not!

Strattera seems to cause me some loss of appetite during the day. I take 80mg in the morning and another 40mg at lunchtime. I have found that taking the meds early in the day helps the ADD, but does not cause me sleeplessness at night. I have not experienced any nausea or dizziness.

I tend to be very hungry when I wake up in the morning, before taking the Strattera. Best thing for me to do is get up at a regular time each morning, eat a good breakfast and then take my Strattera. Later, I try to eat a small lunch each day, whether or not I am hungry at noon.

It has helped me to establish a good routine and a structure for daily life--including regular sleep/awake hours, eating properly, getting exercise, praying, and setting achievable goals to accomplish each day.

mol13491 (54 year old male)





My insomnia happens more trying to get to sleep, rather than early waking.  Since going from 25 mg Strattera to 50 last Tuesday, I have had frequent problems getting comfortable and catching my breath.  The first instance was last Wednesday night, after a particularly vigorous taekwon do class.  My dr. said that anxiety, increased heart rate and insomnia can be side effects.  I am dropping back to 25 mg and going to see my internist.  I don't think it's allergic since the breathing issues are only at night.

I hated strattera.

It made my tallywhacker feel weird and i had wet dreams. 

 I'm way too old for that.

I didn't like it at all.

The only side effect I have is the early waking. I initally had some minor itching which passed in a few days. The result has been vey good. Much better attention span and better organized. The effect far out weighs any side effect. (57 yr old male)      I have noticed problems in sleeping - both going to sleep and staying asleep, and then in waking early.  However, I had problems sleeping before, but the Strattera seems to be magnifying my earlier symptoms.  I have had some minor nausea but it fades quickly enough.  The sleeping problems have somewhat resolved now that I have started taking the 60 mg dose in the morning.  I had problems when taking it at lunch or slightly later.  The nausea is lighter when I have had a full breakfast.

I have definitely not noticed any other symptoms, nor have I experienced any (worsened :) depression, nor has the "tallywhacker" gone south.  So far I'm marginally noticing that I can pay attention better.  Mostly, though, I'm noticing that I'm more tired from my changed/changing sleep pattern.  I've been on Strattera for a week now.

-- Mr. Perky

 I am a 34 year old man that has been dealing with ADHD symptoms for years.  I am awaitng an appointment to finally go through the testing process for a diagnoses.  My doctor prescribed me Strattera (40mg).  The whole 1st day I was a zombie.  I almost fell asleep on my friends in a crowdy and noisy restaurant.  I felt nauseous.  But the worst was an instant feeling of impotence.  ZERO libido.  I called my doctor imediately and the dosage was reduced to 25 mg.  The nausea was reduced,  I couldn't sleep more than 4 hours at a time(constant urination),  and the IMPOTENCE was still there.  Although I was able to focus my attention more, the minuses outweighed the pluses.  I tried the 25mg' s for about 2 weeks, and finally couldn' t take it any more.  I stopped taking Strattera.  Now my doctor has me on Wellbutrin XL.  It doesn't really seem to  be enabling me to focus any better and the impotence and lack of sex drive isn' t as drastic, but it's still there.  I am awaitng my appointment for the testing so I can have my meds reevaluated. 

Hi all, first post.  (some explicitly sexual elements so be forwarned)

I began taking 20 mg of strattera 3 months ago and worked up to 60 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the afternoon.  The first side effect was severe drowsiness that lasted about a day and a half.  Following that was headaches that gradually faded over the course of about a week and a half.  The headaches would come back whenever I increased the dosage but would again fade out.  The only persistant side effect that I have is an irritated colon and a once a day post urination drizzle of ejaculate.  On occasion the ejaculate causes a slight erection and sometimes a desire to continue the process to full ejaculation via masturbation.  I used to have a lot of pain somewhere inside lower stomach region (perhaps my colon or inner testicular pathways) whenever I had a full ejaculation.  I now only have slight to no pain from full ejaculation.  My labido was reduced considerably initially but it has come back and is normal again.  I have erection problems in the afternoon and evening but not in the morning.

My ADHD symptoms of difficulty concentrating, difficulty beginning and completing tasks, and hyperactivity have improved considerably.  I must say the improvements have been considerable.  I am willing to live with the ejaculate during urination problem but I am worried that it may have long term negative effects such as colon cancer or testicular cancer.  I hope I won't become a statistic. 

Thank you all for your honesty, especially you guys who were willing to talk about ejaculate problems.  I was beginning to second guess whether or not the medication was the problem.  My psychiatrist was doubting that the strattera was causing the problems because it was not listed in the "potential side effects" portion of the drug information.  (puts on conspiracy theory hat) I wonder if he is having his pockets lined by Lilly?!?!  Anyways, keep up the good work of information and truth dissemination!  God Bless,


I just threw my Stattera data sheets away.  I suggest you talk to your pharmasist about getting the research results printout supplied to the pharmacies.  See if depression is one of the side effects reported by participants.


I am kind of depressed but thought it was the accutane I am taking for acne.

I will ask the administrator to coach me on adding other side effects like depression, and dizziness.  I stumbled a lot. My wife noted that I was also clumsy.


 I was just prescribed to take Strattera.  I have experienced dizziness, imsomnia(waking early),loss of appetite,weight loss, and most of all, impotence.  ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please note my posting under Srattera and depression. 

I experienced extreme feelings of hopelessness and depression, to the point of wishing for death.  I had never experienced a "down" time even approaching the intensity of the episodes I had while taking Strattera.


I just started using Strattera and I am experiencing constipation. I am also feeling more tired and lethargic and in general just not myself. I am usually very upbeat and energetic and I am feeling lethargic and slightly depressed.I was really pleased with the positive effects of Strattera. I was
taking 40 mgs. It gave me higher self-esteem, better tolerance
to perform tasks and It really elevated my mood. But I had been
taking it for about two weeks, and skipped two days dosages
because I was getting really constipated. And when I took my
next dose, I got really bad nausea and dry heaves. I felt sick off
and on for three days. I figured that I took it wrong, and decied
to try it again. I just felt sick again for another three days. So I
might have to go on a lower dose, or a new med. The other
problem I had was bad fatigue, waking up frequently during the
night and weird vivid dreams. I haven't taken it for a week or so
now, and I feel like my crappy old self. yummypinkblobs38301.654212963 [QUOTE=ber98] I just started using Strattera and I am
experiencing constipation. I am also feeling more tired and
lethargic and in general just not myself. I am usually very
upbeat and energetic and I am feeling lethargic and slightly

Strattera was originally made to treat people with depression,
but it wasn't very effective as regular antidepressants. They
found it to be helpful with concentration, and saw it as a good
ADD medication. Taking antidepressants can help people with
depression, but it can cause otherwise happy people to
become depressed. I think a regular stimulant would be more
appropriate for you. [QUOTE=oldman56]

Ê I appreciate the validation about the negative
male side affects.Ê I wonder if it affects females the same way?Ê I am
gladÊrisking my credibility by discussing these issues in public was
helpful to someone else.

I am very nervious about trying it again.Ê I am getting by well on Ritalin
30 am and 20 pm, as well as 450 of Wellbutrin XL am.

ÊI also wonder if there could be some positive aspect to the side
affects, if Strattera were to be used to increase sexual libedo.Ê


You're the first person to bring this "opposite" reaction up, and I think
that's what I'm feeling. I was on Adderall for a few years, liked it alot, but
found I was having amphetamine-oriented erection difficulties. With this,
I am not, and haven't noticed any urinary abnormalities (beyond my
"normal" ones, I urinate frequently, been tested for everything, but
nothing anyone can figure).

The main side-effect for me has been drowsiness. I've tried taking my
doses in the am, pm, splitiing them, etc. & still not sure what's best. I'm
doing about 65mg/day, altho 80 is where my MD thinks I should be. I just
don't know, this is all so confusing. I seem to be very even keeled, and
find myself humming songs to myself as I go about errands, etc (& I don't
even recognize the tunes!),but the drowsiness is a drag.

I also find myself still not getting thngs done, and because of that,
staying in far too much, cause I always "have so much to do", I pass on
social goings on. So I stay home, and STILL don't do what I need to, so I
now have even more to get done, and it's a "Groundhog Day"-like

I sometimes feel I should just go back to the Adderall, and get some
Cialis or something, or ? It does seem like the Strattera data is still too
sketchy to be sure what it is or what it does.....

My husband has been taking S for 3 1/2 weeks. (31 yrs old) He has been able to accomplish things he has never been able to complete before.  I do think the medication gets into the system faster than most think, but may hubby was taking 2 60ml pills to start off with so that may be why.  He had the urinary prob but it went away, he had constp and that went away, still some dificulty sleeping, and the pain after well you know, but he said he could live with that.  He has been happier, more patient, and not a short fuse anymore.  He did get very anger 2 times and wondered if the meds help to intensify that.  So we are keeping a watch on it.  It is a miricle he is trying the meds he did not want to at first but our daughter will probably be medicated this week and he wanted to help her out as much as possible.  And it doesnt sound like anybody will stay on it long enough  to see if the symptoms will go away. 

Are there any long term users out there that toughed it out?  (I know its not been around long but this thread is 8 mnths old) And there are alot of bad side effects for all the other meds talked about on this thread also if you get on those threads.  I think  it all boils down to medication effects all people differently.  For instance Benydrill it makes me sleepy and it makes my husband hyper go figure... you cant base one persons symptms and assume you will have them.  Again There are several common sypmtms by all these people but wonder if some are awake at night for fear of not being able to sleep since they read that side effect?  Thanks for all the opinions it has been interesting


Gee, do you have to be so harsh? I agree, but would not refer to the people as being sickly. No! There have been no positive responses to that new wonderful drug strattera. I think that it's good for everyone to come here and let it all out in regards to the new medicine. It helps people like us who may have been considering the new medication. I will stay far, far, away from strattera since I always seem to be so sensitive to medication and I really appreciate the stories that you guys post.



Okay - sorry, no offense intended! 

Thats ok none taken.  Strattera it the type of medication that has to accumulate in the body.  To compare it to a few days on a stimulant is not a fair shake.  They are an instant feeling medication.  For example I have hypothyroidism and take synthroid  it takes at least 3 wks to show up in the blood and then it took a yr to get my correct dosage.  I would love to hear from some people who took Stratera for at least 3 months.  We are going to hang in there and see what happens I may be right back here with you feeling like some of the others but I think if people are going to compare the medications which they rightly should, it must be understood how the effectiveness works and when each medication is at its peak.  Most of all I think each and everyone should pray for direction. 

EJROE, How about letting your husband see the negative comments and decide for himself if he wants to take this drug.  Sounds like your his mother instead of a considerate spouse.  Maybe you have had to take charge to compensate for your husbands ADD issues. 

Try letting him have some say over the medications he takes. I and many others have tried them and I found Strattera way over rated.  The negatives outway the positives 10 to 1.  If you really want to see some great results, ask his doc for a sample of Ritalin LA 40 mg.  This is a capsule with micro time-release pills that evenly release a little medicine for about 8-9 hours.  Very smooth, no side effects, unless you consider being calm, organized, patient, thoughtful, and productive, side effects.

Forget the hype about non-stimulating drugs, with you in charge, there is little chance your huby is going to get an extra pill or get hooked.  You might get some reactions from him when he trys to assert himself and say, "Please, I'd rather do it myself" 

You sound like your a spiritual woman, maybe you would like to let the man be head of  your household.  It will require some faith on your part and a lot of prayer to accept the changes in your life. 

It was under his direction that I find out all I can about each of these drugs.  You have to remember I am concerned for my daughter as well.  My husband is very aware of all of your post as he reads it along with me.  It is a shame you have to be bitter we are all just sharing our opinion.  And most of you should know a person with ADD is not going to be a patient to sit through 100 plus post with out some one reading them.  Attacking people in this manner will only make them not post in the future. 


Hello, just wanted to report back, over the weekend it looked like the sleeping problem was gone, then last night I was constantly coughing. Was up at 1am, 3am, and 5am... would get up at least 10 minutes to try to staff off the coughing enough to go back to bed.

Needless to see I had to take the couch since poor husband could not sleep with me coughing as bad as I was. I finished the cold medication, but really did not see how I was going to get through today at work, so first thing I took 2 of them 40mg pills... (1 was not having any affect on my attention or ability to concentrate).

Will report back on this does, will see my doctor today to talk to him, still have issues with cost.

I went through that coughing phase for a couple days too.  Your cold is probably exaggerating that response.  On both Strattera and on Wellbutrin.  Long story short, my explaination for that is that Norepenephrine releases adrenalin through your body which expands the airways to your lungs so you can take in more oxygen during a "fight or flight" response.  After a couple of days, that should go away.  I hope!  It did for me. 

If your cough does not go away because of your cold, ask your doctor for something called Hycodan.  I had a bad cough that literally kept me awake for 3 days!  Whenever I laid down I went into a coughing fit.  I had to try to sleep literally sitting straight up.  Doc gave me that medicine and what a huge difference that made! 



I have a little bit of that fatalism you talk about, but usually figure by my own carelessness would I meet such a fate. I really don't seek it out.

But I would say in your case to immediately call the doctor and let them know how you are feeling. Maybe there is something in addition they can give you to help you pull out of this slump.

I do agree with you on one part, with letting things overwhelm me, it has been pretty hectic for me for some months now - and I am at the point at work that I just ignore what I don't want to be bothered with, which I know is bad. That is why I have been trying to get on meds so bad before I do something really stupid and loose my job - before having replaced it for something more manageable.

Well news today from the doctor, he agreed to my request to be placed on the generic for Ritalin, Oh was I happy to get to the pharmacy to discover that med costs instead of 0 for the other.

I hope that my cough goes away, but I really don't know if the med or the cold is what is causing it, until I switch over.. I will report back on that one for you.

Take care,


Hi Millie,

I think if you are having these thoughts about death and this is something new, you definately need to tell your doctor. Fortunately there are several medication options out there. They seem to affect different people in different ways, so let your doctor know what is going on.

Hi, I just found this message board a few days ago and it seems you have answers to many of the questions I have.

I started with 18mg for 4 days, the25 for 8 and 40 now for 14.  I'm almost to the end of the 40's but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.  Now have lump in throat guess it is caused by all the coughing but I'm going to doctor this evening.

I have trouble with not sleeping all night, but I believe the sleep I get is better than before and I used to sleep alot.  What does worry me is the feeling wondering what is the use.  I have been plagued with thoughts about death the last few days and this bothers me. It comes at the weirdest times, like in the middle of watching my son race his car at the track I had the strongest urge to turn to my ex's wife and ask her if she'd help the kids if I die.  Fortunately, I didn't say anything but out of the blue these strange things come into my head. I also get angry easily but I'm not acting on the anger.

For awhile I seemed to accomplish more but as the coughing increased less got done.  It is funny though, everything is a mess but I don't feel overwhelmed.  I just ignore it.  I live alone so it won't go away.

Thanks for reading.     

I did not have the coughing last night, and today I just started the Generic for Ritilan. I think the cough might have been due to my cold though, because today my husband is sick with sore throat.


I think that this is my 6th day on the 60mg straterra.  I honestly think that my distractability has actually gotten worse.  But that is just not possible.  Is it?  I still have that nagging headache creeping up the back of my neck.  It is more like a muscle ache since the pain literally restricts movement of my head.  I am not agitated, depressed or moody, but I am certainly not my old friendly, smiling self these days.  Oh, and I seem to be prone to more leg shaking while sitting still and trying to focus.  Yesterday, I was in class and nearly drove my study partner nuts with my constant movement.  I was like a motor.  I don't think that is supposed to happen with a drug designed to help one focus.  I just don't get it!  How can MDs not know that this drug isn't what it's cracked up to be?

Met w/ my therapist yesterday.  She says that I should prepare myself for the possibility that drugs may not help me manage my ADD.  This is because while there may be a cocktail that would alleviate some of my more severe symptoms, I am not a candidate for many of them because doctors will be hesitant to prescribe them due to my cardiovascular disease.  She says that I need to start thinking about how I am going to manage my ADD without drugs.

I am prepared to do that.  I just was hoping for the quick fix.  The learning curve required to manage ADD for a college student is incredibly steep.  I have to get this fixed NOW.  If I have to wait two years to, sort of, learn how to manage this, I'll never get through school.

Anyway, I know I'll find a way.  Right now I'd just like to vent and only you guys are able to empathize.  Thanks for listening.



Hey Guys,

I thought this would give you all a little laugh! I had a great interview with a great company and a great manager... sent the manager a thank you note, and said I was excited about selling Straterra.  Straterra this and straterra that....Woke up and sat up straight the next morning going over interview and note in my head...realizing....the drug isn't for ADD or called Straterra....something similar sounding, but not a med for anything like that!!! I had read an Eli Lilly article (the makers of straterra and I get emails from this board with straterra headlines) and just screwed up over and over again.

I actually tried Straterra briefly for mild ADD and it helped but the mood swings and blah feeling werent worth the benefits....

The moral of the story.....I now have the coolest manager in the world who laughed at my error and said it gave her levity all day! ( I sent an email asking her to forgive my error. Got the job, she is awesome, job is awesome....

Also...I took Adderall xl which helped a bit (and I can only see this now that I have stopped taking it) but have realized that I say "what"frequently and before the person can repeat it, I have put it together. Its like an auditory delay in my brain....Also, I look back at my life and see that although I am coordinated in sports, I truly am clumsy and have freak accidents, nothing horrible, but small injuries. I am seeing how the ADD has effected my motor skills a bit....anyone else notice this when not on meds?

Thanks Have a great day and keep the faith!

Hi Millie:

I have been searching this board for the exact things that you mentioned.  My son (9 1/2 - ADHD) has been on S. for about 8 weeks.  In the last week, he is having sudden, strong anxiety about death.  He has come to me crying "I don't want to die" and on three occassions this week, has been in tears or crying with anxiety concerning death.  He said "these thoughts just keeping coming in my head".  He has had a few worries about death before, but mostly related to people who have died, not himself.  Last night he said he was feeling all emtions at the same time (sad, happy, mad, etc.) and he just wanted to go back to how he was before this started happening to him.  He is going to see his therapist today (hasn't had a need to for 2 yrs), but I am now seriously believing it is the medicine.

Best of luck to all.


i have to tell you that Straterra just has weird effects...I cannot remember death, but I remember feeling strong emotional turmoil for no apparent reason. Have you read the package insert?  It would be interesting to hear how many more feel this or have seen it in others.

Hrm... I thought it was something wrong with me!

Glad I checked into the "sexual side effects" on this site now.  Been having the same problem with relatively painful ejaculations now.  Was thinking originally that perhaps I was dehydrated.. just not getting enough water during the day.  But after loading up on water for the past couple days, I was still having the same problem.  I really don't want to go back to the stimulants such as Ritalin, but I'm only 30, and really want to be doing something to help get the ADD in check. 

I was diagnosed with ADD WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back when nobody even knew wtf it was.  I think it was 1986.  First thing they did was put me on Ritalin.  I really didn't like the effects that it gave me.  Actually made me very depressed.

So.. what be my other options?

Hi everyone, It is good to be back.  I went to the doctor Tuesday night for my sore throat (dry mouth has caused tissues to crack during the night and in the morning)I have been having a hard time accepting the fact that no one saw a problem before this.  I am bipolar and have known for years there was something else but doctors just ignored me II don't knooooWhile I was at the doctors I fell apart and began crying, unable to stop.  I couldn't get ahold of my doc so they sent me somewhere else.  I just figured I should die, I didn't want to try any more etc etc

Anyway talked to a nurse practioner who seemed to understand.  She sort of told me it would be good to avoid the hospital.  She sent inh another doc? who listened awhile (I was getting manic by this time. I had to explain four times) and then smiled at me and you don't have ADD, your just manic. He said he'd like to prescribe two meds for me.

Depakote and respiral (both for bipolar) I havena't taken any antipycotic meds for 18 months.  I take celexa for depression. I escaped and went home.  Next day I was mani and I cleaned my sons house.  If I had listened to the doc I would have slep all day.I have a long way to go but I'm in the process of getting a new psycitrist and therapist as well as a primary provider with knowledtge of ADD. 

 BU88A, Have you considered this perspective?  Those of us who have add and hyperactivity or at least a very active mind, are used to feeling hyped up.  It is normal for us to race along at 1.5 to 2x speed.

I also had the experience of feeling slowed down, relaxed, calm.  It was a totally new feeling.  I can remember saying to myself "So this is how normal people feel!

I have also felt the let down when my meds wear off.  I have felt "depressed" relative to feeling intensly focused and productive while on medication.  I think this is one of the side effects of taking stimulants that everyone is worried about.  Over amping then feeling tired and let down, "depressed". 

For me feeling a little depressed after a full day of productivity is much better than feeling depressed because I have been non productive, lazy, stupid, foolish, and many other names I give myself for having ADD.

I am more humerous (I think) and witty when I am not on medication.  Unfortunately I always take the topic to the extreem limits of rationallity.  My kids will give me a beep, beep, beep, (backing up signal) when I am heading out into space.  I am not good at seeing myself as way out.  I am just having fun.

I often hurt peoples feeling by saying some witty thing at their expence.

When I am on meds, I am "slowed down" and take time to consider the consequences of my thoughts, actions, and affect on other people.  Many times I enjoy being quiet and observant.  I like my self better when I am slowed down.

Depressed?  Maybe feeling calm, is something you are not used to.


In regards to Strattera, my ten year old duaghter was switched from ritilan to this new drug and I was so excited since it was a very endorsed new drug and most of all it's not a stimulant. My daughter started picking all the hair out of her eyebrows and one day I noticed that she literally had no eyelashes. I immediatly called the doctor on call and she said to me, "Strattera could not be causing this problem since we give this drug to our patients that have problems with excessive hair pulling or OCD", nevertheless I gave the Dr. the benefit of the doubt. I continued the medication per the Dr.'s instructions (with a lesser dose) until my daughter was seen by her regular psychiatrist. My daughter's psychiatrist was in amazement that my daughter now had no eyelashes on either side and she had holes in her eyebrows. My daughter's doctor immediatley took her off this wonderful new drug. Let me remind you, my daughter had never had this problem at all prior to going on this medication and when she was taken off the problem stopped.
Go figure!!!! There is nothing that we could find in the listed side effects that would suggest the problem that my daughter had on this medication. She may be that one in a million that had a rare side effect to Strattera. I don't even think that the rare side effect was even reported. I am telling my story so that other adults and parents will be aware of our findings with using this drug.


Anything that alters the chemistry of the brain can be unpredictable.

My Phsychiatrist seems to have a very down to earth view of meds. As he explained, many drugs that are prescribed for a variety of issues were really developed for something else. Then doctors then noticed that one of the "side effects" of a certain drug may be to help some other sympton and suddenly it is marketed as a cure-all for the other symptom.

He explained that in most cases researchers are not exactly sure why a certain drug works on a certain condition. All they know is that if it works and the side effects are not too bad, then they should use it. 

This Straterra is a strange one that seems to have some very different effects in different people.

  Thank You everyone for sharing your experiences.  I started this poll to help validate the problems I was having.  I have requested to be notified whenever a response has been posted and have been vindicated many times.  Now I am over my anger at my psych for trying to move me off the "stimulating" drugs an onto Strattera.  Accually when I use the "non-stimulating" word, I still get hot.!!  What a lie!!

I am sorry so many people are being victomized by this lie.  Maybe someone will initiate a class-action suit against Lilly and make them pay for this deliberate lie to pray on the fears of using the "stimulating drugs", a tried-and-true approach. 

Well I can go on for ever.  Got to go to work.  Spread the word.

oldman56 57 as of 7/16

Laura & kimo, I applaude your proactive approach to working with MDs.  I was very fortunate to have my PCP refer me for a psych eval.  I took a resume an job history in with me (about 4 pages) and told him about my son getting so much help from Ritalin.  My Psych put me on Wellbutrin SR and ritalin.  We worked together for a couple of months to get the ballance right for me and my lifestyle. (General Contractor, extended days). 

What works great for me is 450mg Wellbutrin XL and 40mg of Ritalin LA once in the morning.  I also have 30 Ritalin 10mg I can use at my discression for 12 hour days.  I have been conservative in using the extra 10mgs and stretched them out over two months. This has developed credability for me and a mutual trust with my doctor.

You may quote me if you like.  I have had best results with Board Certified Psychiatrists who work with adult ADD.  I believe that you can find one who will consider your past abuse 10,20,30 years ago as probably trying to self medicate and treat yourself for ADD before ADD became an accepted reality. 

I personally believe that we are born with ADD/ADHD in various combinations and degrees of intensity. That we never "outgrow" it.  We may learn to accept that we a dumb, clumbsy, poor spellers, lame brained, etc. and give up on ourselves.  If we are fortunate, we meet someone who believes in the potential that is locked up inside us, and helps us get treatment to tap into our potential.

Some people acctually resent us for being able to unlock our potential with a drug.  They seem to see this as cheating, or not having to work as hard as they do for the same level of focus.  It is really predjudiced minded people who look for someone inferior to them as a way of building there self esteme up.

Hope this ramble helps someone feel better about themselves.

Oldman57 now.

millie and deedee, i realize how old this post is but i had to say something even if no one reads it since it is so old.

i am on day three of 10 mgs of strattera and having these thoughts too but they are directed towards my husband!

i think part of it is that i am so frustrated with everything in life and i blame him for having to take meds so that i can hold down a job hopefully...i am NOT taking this stuff again!

Thanks for your input old man and kimo, I see the doc tomorrow so I appreciate your ammo. As it stands, I am questioning if I really have ADD since I feel no different at all on Strattera. In fact I have even felt a little spacier!!  Keep you posted.  Laura:)

I have been on strattera since 10/11, whenever I increased the dose I experience worse side effects such as headaches etc. but also experienced more productivity, attention.  These seemed to wear off within days of the increased dose.  I have not seen any overall improvement.  I am now at 80 mg and want to get off of it.  My doc does not want to prescribe a stim because of past history - 20 years ago!!!! of amphetimine abuse. I am constipated, my sweat smells different when I work out and feel totally weird most of the time when I am ready for my dose in the evening.

The only good thing was a decreased appetite - now I feel like I am overeating.  So the one good side effect - for me- has now also turned into a negative.  I thought at least I will lose some weight.  Anyone else had this effect?????

This is a frustrating process.  When I see my doc on Monday I want to ask him to put me on one of the stimulants but am scared to present it in a way where he will think I want it for the wrong reasons.  I finally find out what the deal is with me - ADD - and then the doc is unwilling to prescribe the appropriate med.  I am already feeling apprehensive about my next visit with him and assume he will try to get me to stay on strattera and refuse the alternative

feedback welcome!!! Laura

Hi Laura,

Your story sounds VERY similar to mine.  I was put on Strattera, at first at too high a dose.  Had terrible side effects, really high BP and pulse.  Lowered the dose and worked my way up.  The first couple times I upped the dose I felt great for a couple days.  Got lot's done, etc.  Then once I got up to 40 it was terrible.  Very angry, terribly depressed, etc.  Stayed on for 5 weeks then gave up.

My shrink also said she would not give me stims because of my past history almost 30 years ago!!!  Ack!  But I had thoroughly documented my experience with Strattera (all my side effects at what doses, the good effects and bad, etc) and gave it to her typed up.  She agreed that Strattera was not a good drug for me. 

Then she put me on Wellbutrin for a month.  It really helped my depression but nothing more than that.  Didn't help the ADHD. 

So I told her that I was reading on the ADD forums how people were having good success with a combo of Wellbutrin and Adderall XR.  I almost fell off my chair when she agreed to let me try it because she was so dead set against giving me stims previously.  I'm on a low does . . . 10 mg XR (which releases 5 mg in the a.m. and then 5 more mg 4 hours later), plus Wellbutrin, plus Lexapro (for my anxiety).  It's a low dose but it works great for me.  I have a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse so I don't think I'd want to go higher anyways. 

Then on my next appointment I asked if I could add another 5 mg at 4pm so that I can get stuff done at home and she agreed. 

So my recommendation to you is to do what I did, document your experiences, both good and bad, type it up and give it to your doc.  I think if he/she sees you are really trying to make it work but you just can't take the side effects, they may be willing to work with you.  Cuz like I said, I was completely shocked when my doc was willing to let me try the Adderall.  I think she knew I was truly trying to get help and not just out for getting drugs. 

. . . Kim


Old Man, Kimo and anyone else interested.  Saw doc today he ended up putting me on - 10 mg of ritilin!! Took me off the Strattera.  I offered input from you both re wellbutrin etc.  He reiterated - again - because of my history he will not put me on adderal because of 15 year old drug history and will not put me on wellbutrin because I was bulimic ten years ago!   AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!  He thinks I have OCD because I think obsessively about things and does want to put me on meds for that.

Very frustrating. DO YOU HAVE ANY INPUT ON WHAT 10 MG OF RITILIN WILL DO??????   Thanks for your input, Laura

Hi Laura,

I have no idea what ritalin will do for you as I have never been on that.  My understanding is it is very similar to stims but somehow works differently.  If I understand correctly, where stims stimulate both body and mind I think that Ritalin stimulates just the mind.  But don't quote me on that.

As for the Wellbutrin, I wouldn't worry about that.  For most people it does not really do anything for the ADD symptoms.  In my case it's what I needed for my depression though. 

FWIW, my doc thinks I'm a bit OCD too.  But no meds for that.  3 meds every day is enough for me. 

Keep us posted on your progress and let us know how the Ritalin works for you!

Could this be it.

Take the ritalin, it will help for about 4 hours.  Be greatful, thank him for trusting you and honestly tell him how it helps.  Your heading in the right direction.  Let him know you can tell the difference on and off the medicine, and wish you could be productive all day.  Give him some examples of how it affects your perception of ordinary things, your patience, ability to really listen to people, and quote some of those close to you about what a difference it makes in your life and for those you interact with daily.

Your doctor probably really wants to help you, he is just leary of being taken for a patsy.


Ritalin is a stimulant, Just thought I'd share.


Wow either he is brushing you off or he doesn't know anything about the meds he's prescribing.

di252, I also experienced elevated heart rate, and a hyper feeling.  Have you read the other posts. I think I remember other people stating the same side effect.

I prefer Ritalin LA 40mg once a day, and 450mg Wellbrutin XL once a day.


Elevated heart rate was very much a side effect of Strattera. That was the first side effect I felt, from day one on it. The suicidal compulsion built up over a couple of weeks and was definately the Strattera. As it diminished over a period of days after I stopped and came right back when I started it again a month later.

As for your doc not being aware of this as a side effect, I'm surprised. My Doctor told me to let him know if I became a "Red-Eyed Monster" as my dosage increased.

I tried Strattera and found it worked great. I was calm with no anxiety and could focus while getting tasks done. Yep!

My friends said i sounded the best i ever did.

However with GOOD there is a BAD a balance i guess.

I could not get to sleep!!!! And when i did get to bed at 12am i could not get unconscious sleep until 4am in the morning. Thus i woke up at 7am in the morning.

Days after that i would be focused but in the mirror i looked like someone who was very tired and lacking sleep. So the sleep deficit ventually balanced out the positves. Days after again i was just a brain without sleep. That was on a small dose. I guess normal folks without A.d.d can switch of noradrenalin at night. Strattera dont. maybe. 

I am fortunate that I do not have alot of the side effects noted and I am certainly thankful for that.  The problem is that I feel that my dose needs to be increased because I am not staying as focused as I was when I started the med 6 mos. ago, however, increasing the dose would make the heart beat issue worse.  Right?

Does anyone know if this is something that can cause a physical problem or is it just an annoyance?

I am not sure about the heart beat issue. Has it gone away since your body has adjusted? If so it would probably go away again.

I do know that there is some chance of liver problems, although I am unclear as to the chance of having problems and how sever they would be. My doctor had mentioned wanting me to come back every so often to make sure my liver is fine. A few days later my Mom called me to tell me that Strattera can cause liver problems. I guess I figure that most meds have their side effects and it seems like everything these days can cause some types of damage in rare cases.

Has anyone had any strange experiences with alcohol on Strattera? I noticed that a few beers or a few glasses of wine didn't sit right with me when I first started the meds. I didn't feel very good after one or two drinks.    I don't drink much but like to have a glass of wine now and then, ect. On New Years Eve I had a few drinks and felt sicker than I ever had the next day. I realize this might sound bad, I am not a heavy drinker though, and I did not drink enough to be as sick as I was. It was very odd...something I hadn't experienced before and thought maybe it was because of the Strattera.

I have heard more than a few people say that they get REALLY sick when they drink on Strattera.  Even if only a few drinks.  It doesn't affect me that way, as far as I don't get sick, but I do notice that I get drunk MUCH quicker (like 2 beers) so I really have to watch it.

I have been on this for 6 mos. so I am assuming that my body has adjusted.  That's why I wonder if it is just something that I have to deal with (as long as it isn't causing any physical damage).

I saw a news study 2 weeks ago regarding the liver issues.  Not entirely sure what the exact problem is but they did state that if the problem is detected (simple blood test) and you stop taking Strattera, it will correct itself.  So doesn't appear to cause permanent damage.


Thanks di252. That was a very helpful response on all counts.

It's good to know that the liver issue isn't serious. I imagine that is exactly why he didn't say anything other than to come back in four mths for a liver test. I didn't think too much of it at the time other than to make sure I remembered to make an appt.

Also, nice to know I wasn't alone in being so sick....honestly can't remember feeling so horrible in my life.

The doctors are supposed to do a blood test and an EKG before you start the meds (that goes for all ADD meds not just straterra) to see what your baseline levels are and then repeat the test at least once a year (usually about 3x a year) to make sure your heart, liver and kidney functions are still normal.

A lot of doctors fail to do this which makes trying new meds that much scarier. You shouldn't have to wait for a heart attack, kidney falure, etc to know if your meds are causing damage. When you go for your first follow up blood work/ekg usually about 3-4 months after starting the meds your doctor can see right away what changes the meds have made in your system. From there they will know what to monitor more closely or if additional action needs to be taken.

You'll also learn more about how your body reacts to certain meds and what the length of your initial adjustment period will be if you switch meds or raise your dose. I know from my tests we learn that I'm prone to have a bit of a rapid heartbeat when I'm starting these meds. I've been on Adderall XR for 5 years now and everytime I need my dosage raised I will experience an increased pulse rate for a few months. From the tests my doctor knows to expect this and to monitor it but that it will pass and is not damaging my heart.

I have been on Strattera now for a few months. I first joined this board because I was worried about some of the side effects I was experiencing i.e. nausea, irritability and insomnia. I was also feeling somewhat depressed and I was unable to drink caffeine without feeling sick. All of those side effects have gone away and I am very happy with Strattera now. It might just take some time for some people, and then for others it might not be right. I just thought I would check back in to let you guys know that if might be worth sticking out. I am glad that I stayed on it and I notice a huge improvement in my focus.[QUOTE=kimo]


The doc won't prescribe anything else for me because 30 years ago when I was in high school I took amphetamines.  Never mind that I haven't abused any drugs since that time.  But I guess one must pay for all their "mistakes" for the rest of their life, huh? 




 you have a smart DR


Cucumbers  that become pickles  are never  cucembers again. People  who abouse  drugs  always are at an increased  risk of abuse. No  one with ADD   or Anxiety   goes on ritalin or xanax with the goal of  bing and addict but  recognizing some people have a predispostion  and a DR  actually  being the one to do so is miraculous...DRs  are some of the most ignorant  people when it comes to Addiction and addictive personalities sounds like you have one really looking out for your well being


I start Staterra  next week. I cant take ritalin for the same reason as you plus  a second, I am prone to  Afib  and  ritalin  causes it.   I have my fingers crossed...I dont want the drug  to balance my checkbook  but it would be nice if I could  find the patience to do it! I'd rather have my teeth pulled w/o novacine than sit an do tasks like that

So am I doing actual harm to myself by just living with the rapid heart rate?

It's annoying, sure, but not intolerable.

If there is no actual damage being done, I'll just ignore it as best as I can but if I am hurting myself here I need to know if I should stop taking this med.

I would think that it is not a *good* thing for your heart to be abnormally fast. I don't think your heart is meant to work overtime 100% of the time. You might want to go see your doc and see what they tell you.[QUOTE=Edwd]

Please note my posting under Srattera and depression. 

I experienced extreme feelings of hopelessness and depression, to the point of wishing for death.  I had never experienced a "down" time even approaching the intensity of the episodes I had while taking Strattera.




I felt exactly the same way, I've had suicidal thoughts before, but not anything like what I've had lately. I've only been taking it since Wednesday it is now Monday of the next week.  The day after I took 40mg (doc wants me to work towards 80mg) I felt so out of it I couldn't do my job and had to sit down for a few hours, I was shaking, my hands were ice cold and clammy, my eyes were glazed and I had the sensation of being kinda spacy/out of body I called the psychiatrists office right away and they just told me I had to get used to it.  If that's the kind of sh*t I have to get used to, I'd rather not take it.

I am taking Strattera, the generic equivalent of Well-Butrin and Zocor (for high cholestrol).  I am almost 52 yo and in excellent health, except for a loss of sex drive.  In the past two or three months I have also been unable to get an erection.  I thought perhaps it was a result of a combination of medications, but it sounds like others have experienced similar challenges caused by Strattera.  I'd be curious to know how many others.  Can you add this quesiton to your survey?


lol reading all this i feel this drug should be a pill u make ur friend have for some sick humor, not a pill that will help you in any way. hell im 15, and i kno more or less i bet there are very very evil long term side effects

LOL I agree. But I decided awhile back I would never try straterra so it's at least one med I can safely avoid. It works too much like depression meds and I was given enough of those when I was young to know they are bad news.

I'll stick with Adderall thanks. People can say what they will about stimulants but they are still a whole lot safer than these antidepressant meds. I stay away from anything that has to build up in your system to work. At least with adderall it is out of my system the next day. If straterra makes you sick you're going to be sick for at least a month, that's on top of the withdrawal symptoms you'll get while it takes it's time leaving your system.

ok thanks i think im gonna just sell the rest as a sick and twisted joke hahahahahaha

go back to 120 or 180 concetra. not only was i donig good but the pycosis side effect actually made me think deeply about a few things.

I'll stick with Adderall thanks. People can say what they will
stimulants but they are still a whole lot safer than these antidepressant
meds. I stay away from anything that has to build up in your system to
work. At least with adderall it is out of my system the next day. If
straterra makes you sick you're going to be sick for at least a month,
that's on top of the withdrawal symptoms you'll get while it takes it's time
leaving your system.

I too, am going back to Adderall, as this Strattera experiment is just not
happening. But I wonder what "withdrawal symptoms" have been
experienced by you or others. I just stopped taking it, was doing 65-90/
day, and haven't really felt any negative effects.....

biopulse, I would look for a new psych, oviously your current doc doesn't care what you think.  I have had the good fortune of finding two very considerate psychs who worked with me to get the medication I need to be happy and productive.

Be proactive and ask your healthcare provider for another referral.  Tell them why you are not satisfied. You might save someone else from getting abused.


I read all the Strattera literature and there was no mention of Suicide as a potential side effect. That said, I suffered from a very dramatic side effect from Strattera. The first week on the medication was okay but as it built up in my system the results changed.

Within the first hour of taking it I experience severe anxiety which would pass in about another hour. That was bad enough but I was willing to live with it for the sake of being functional. However, usually about 2 hours after taking my dosage, I experienced crushing depression with an intense compulsion to take my own life. I recognized this as not real so never acted it out but I have never felt such a strong compulsion to do anything in my life.

I continued to take the meds for a couple of weeks stopped thinking I was going through some sort of emotional breakdown (perhaps) and the drug was not to blame. Within a couple of days of stopping Stattera the suicidal thoughts stopped and my mood returned to normal. I waited a month and thought I would try it again to see if anything occured. The suicidal thoughts came back with a vengence, stronger then before. I stopped taking Strattera within days and I'm fine now.

Suicidal thoughts have been linked to many anti depression meds. Since straterra works very similar to depression meds I wouldn't be surprised if it had the same side effects.

  I am a 34-yr old female just diagnosed 6 mos ago and Strattera is the only med that I have tried.  It is also the only med that I am on at all and I am only on 40mg daily taken in the morning.  I have not noticed most of the side affects mentioned other than lighter appetite and rapid heart beat.  That is the one that is concerning me most since this is supposed to be a non-stimulant.

Has anyone else noticed this problem and is it something that I should be concerned about?

I do notice a change in my ability to concentrate and in my motivation level so I don't want to stop taking it all together but I also do not want to do any harm to my body.  When I mentioned it to my Dr., he said he never heard of this side effect and I shouldn't worry unless I am just too annoyed by it.



I have added urinary difficulty to the previous mentioned side effects
during the first week — sexual side effects and this odd clumsiness.
Also early awakening. If it continues I will stop the Strattera — urinary
problems are not tolerable as far as I'm concerned.

Someone wrote they took it for 3 days and went off because of
headaches, but that's hardly a fair trial. Nausea and headaches are
common early side effects with loads of medications — you can take
aspirin or tylenol or whatever for the headache and wait a couple of
weeks . . . it's unfortunately part of the process, but worth it if the
medication works.
Also some are saying after 3 days or a week or 2 they notice no
improvement in focus or concentration, and I'm wondering what sort of
information these folks are getting that they would even expect anything
in this period of time. Strattera, like anti-depressants, takes 4-6 weeks
to take effect, so quitting before then is premature unless there's
something really intolerable. You cannot judge effectiveness in anything
less than a month at least. Some people do notice improvement sooner,
but the majority take up to 6 weeks.

I went off Adderall, couldn't stand it. It worked for focus but I couldn't
stand how it made me feel overall. it also had the unwanted effect of
robbing me of the gifts of my "wiring" — a fluid mind, quick thinking,
multi-tasking — hugely important as a speaker. So I tried taking it only
on the days I wasn't going to be speaking or teaching, but then I felt
really sick on the off-days. Dr. said you can use the stimulants that way,
you don't have to take them every day — but for me I just felt like I had a
bad hangover. So I went off completely.

My doctor certainly didn't push Strattera, that was my choice as a trial.
He likes the stimulants because they work quickly. To me they felt toxic.

If the Strattera doesn't work out for me, the doctor has reecommended
Ginkgo — any reports on that for anyone here?Well as far as the addiction thing, that is way my Dr put me on Strattera also. I had issues with pain meds(Vicoden and Lorasats) and with E for awhile and he told me to take Strattera. Its only been about two months and I'm on 60mgs. I haven't had much side effects, but it don't think it is working all the time and I'm still very shaky and fidgety, sometimes so bad I want to scream. I've had some headaches, which is abnormal for me and diarea(how ever its spelled) now and then. Other then that it seems to be going well. I also take Lexipro for GAD. That seems to not be working much anymore, it worked at first.   I think I may need a higher does with the Strattera cause it only seems to be effective sometimes?

Today is the end of week 3 on Strattera. I've been thinking it wasn't really working much, but today I cleaned my house and did some finances and it was fairly easy to talk myself out of getting distracted. (As in, 'no, don't start reading/surfing the net/watch tv...finish cleaning first.) 


I just had to post because I haven't had any problems with constipation or urinating. Jus nausea and dizzy mostly. Except after reading all these posts on Strattera I have had a dream the last few nights that I was having urinary retention difficulties. AAARRRGGHHHH! 

Very glad to wake up and find it was all a dream.

Another vote for straterra.

I was on Adderall. and while I felt more in control the medication was a crutch. it allowed me to try use the medication as a substitute for good work habits. Also I had strong uncontrollable bouts of rage (which I have gladdly traded for Bladder control and lack of ejaculatory control)

I have been taking saw palmento as a supplement to see if that offsets the loss of control. I also started doing Kegels to see if I could once again be master of my um release.

Interesting someone mentioned stumbling, clumsiness. I've only been
taking Strattera for 6 days, but I was wondering if it had anything to do
with my bumping into things all over the place. weird.

I have the sexual side effects big time — worse than anything
experienced on SSRI's for depression. I take Wellbutrin for depression, in
part because of the lack of sexual side effects and it's weight neutrality.
But I didn't realize Strattera had this effect — and I can't see staying on it
if it stays like this.

Are these early side effects that may go away — does anyone have
experience with this?

Son never had any of these effects while on it for 1 year. We stopped cause increasing concentration didn't help much.We won't use stims cause  coffee does same thing. You must look at the whole picture of the child.  He slept to much was his issue. All drugs can have some issue. If a Ld is in the child the meds won't help. The child must understand the stuff first off. Ours does not. These meds will only improve concentration levels.Look for what the distraction might be and go from there.  

Maybe Marshall arts should be added as a class.

I am having great success on Adderall LA, but damned if I am not one angry man as of late.  I have plenty of things to be angry about, mind you.  But I wonder what percentage of patients report a loss of control.  I do not recall this being reported as a side effect for any percentage of patients.

Strattera is the first medication I have taken for my "problem." I saw here
that some do not get along with same. However and despite the side
effects I have experienced, I do believe that my focus has been enhanced
many fold. I use 60m and I believe it is dosed by weight, not by "amount
of illness" one may have.

To those whom complain of the alleged "zombie" syndrome, me thinks
that such medications, which are used to treat the brain, do take some
time to adjust too and or adapt the whole body to the injection of such

I seem to like my ADD on the rocks, i.e. with a dose of depression for
good measure. I found the side effects of Strattera and many of the
feelings of change much like when I started on Lexapro, of which I still
use 30m per day along with my 60m of Strattera.

As I read and learn of the 'needs' of a mind that wants to be stimulated
24/7 I think that this non stimulated treatment perhaps best for me. As
one of those, like many of you, with an addictive traits, I must be ever
vigilant to keep 'unwanted' drugs of any kind out of my system.

In my case I feel it was a good choice for me.UPWings38644.3943402778


    I wanted to "bump" this thread back to the front for some of the new people on here..It was very imformative to me ! There is an overwhelming response from the men, even though it is extremely long, it is a good read. Kimberly




    I wanted to "bump" this thread back to the front for some of the new people on here..It was very imformative to me ! There is an overwhelming response from the men, even though it is extremely long, it is a good read. Kimberly




Thanks for bumping this up -

I've had good luck with Strattera - none of thoses nasty side effects. Thank God.