ADHD Brain Gym


What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark for the starter educational,sensorimotor program developed by Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., an expert in child motor-development. It is based upon more than 80 years of research by educational therapists, developmental optometrists, and other specialists in the fields of movement, education, and child development. 

Brain Gym consists of simple movements similar to the movements that children naturally do during their first three years of life as they complete important developmental steps for coordination of eyes, ears, hands, and the whole body. The Brain Gym movements have been shown in clinical experience, in field studies, and in published research  reports, to prepare children with the physical skills they need in order to learn to read, write, and otherwise function effectively in the classroom. The ability to learn easily is especially important for children in the first years of school, when they are laying the foundation for their future schooling and adult life work. 

Who started Brain Gym? When? Why? How?

Paul Dennison, Ph.D., President of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, developed the Brain Gym program over a period of 25 years work as an educational specialist. He began researching the work as founder and director of the Valley Remedial Group Learning Centers in California.  These eight learning centers offered Dennison clientele with whom he could actively explore the effects of specific movements on the ability to learn various academic skills. 

During this time, he drew from a broad spectrum of innovative work in the fields of education, developmental vision, and personal development as he focused on the causes and treatment of learning disabilities. Dr. Dennison served as director of the Valley Remedial Group Learning Centers for 19 years, helping children and adults turn their learning difficulties into successful growth. 

In 1980, he synthesized his work and began traveling and teaching internationally; the Edu-K, processes and applications have continued to evolve. The current Brain Gym Handbook, based on the work of Dr. Dennison and his wife, Gail, was developed in collaboration with over 29 educational kinesiologists from around the world Dr. Dennison has been an educator for all of his professional life. His work is based on an understanding of the interdependence of physical movement, language acquisition, and academic achievement. His effective and ground breaking approach  to teaching grew out of his background in brain research and  experimental psychology. 

He received the Phi Delta Kappa award for outstanding research at the University of Southern California in 1975 and was granted a Doctorate in Education for his research in beginning reading achievement and its relationship to covert speech skills. 

 He and his wife, Gail E. Dennison, have published fourteen books and manuals, beginning with Switching On: A Guide to Edu-Kinesthetics, published in 1980, adding, Brain Gym, Teachers Edition and Brain Gym Simple Activities (students edition) most recently Brain Gym for Business: Instant Brain Boosters for On-The-Job Success published in 1994 with Jerry V. Teplitz, J.D., Ph.D. Click on the blue underlines to find out more about these books. Switching On is a manual of hope for the concerned parents and frustrated teachers of the "unteachable" child. Used with love and confidence, the simple techniques introduced in this publication bring results in amazingly little time. They represent a revolutionary new approach to learning. It's never too late to get "switched-on" to the joy learning adds to life.

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