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Dayla's Story

Hi my name is Dayla Mathiesen. I'm16 years old, when I was in 1st grade I was diagnosed with this disorder. I was really relieved at first, but then I was put into special ed classes that I never needed and I lost lots of my friends because of it. I was put on Ritalin and kids thought I was a druggy. I hated it.

Then when I was starting my 8th grade year I moved to a new town and  a new school. No one new me or that I had this "disease" I was tested for special ed but I didn't need it. Now I'm in 10th grade and doing pretty good. I'm off Ritalin but I am on Wellbutrin.

I know now that I wasn't lazy or stupid.

I would like to hear from some people that can share some more info with me. So please email me at

thanx dayla

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