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Well I went for the results of my daughters evaluation that was done last week at the learning RX program.  Just as I expected, their tests show that she is years behind what she is suppose to be with her memory, auditory processing etc... THey showed me a program whereas they will work for 8 weeks one on one 3 times a week one hour at a time with at trainer with you agreeing to also to do another 3 hours at home for a WHOPPING 4800!!!! dollars.. YES almost 00.00.. I would hope they are offering GOLD for this amount of money. The center is not close to my home so the time and gas money to get her there would be incredible but to also HAVE to (yes you sign a contract) spend an additional 3 hours with them at home and you have to spend an additional 00.00 made me nauseous when I think about it There has to be something out there that actually helps without having to go into bankruptcy trying to pay for it.Wow!!! I've never heard of a program like that before, it should be covered by insurance since it costs so much. Do they have payment plans? 

they do have payment plans.. (anyway to get your money).. we have decided against it for right now. Its to much money to spend without finding someone with personal experience.

Yes, it would be nice for us if insurance would cover all these cool new innovative things we can do to help our kids.  Then again, imagine the premiums we would be paying! 

I am looking into a horribly expensive school for my son.  It's a blessing we can even afford to consider it, although I think that some in our financial situation would think they couldn't afford to.  But for us it has always been about making sure we keep our expenses where we need to so we can do what's most important.  But I repeat, I know we are blessed, and there is no judgement here on anyone who can't or thinks they can't afford these measures.

One thing I am thinking is that if I send my son to this school and absolutely love it, maybe someday I could be the hero of the ADHD world and come up with a way to make a program like this accessible through public education (of course, without raising taxes on our families and neighbors). Actually, if we could do a voucher program we would be about halfway to paying for a kid's tuition for a school like this.  Any guesses about my political leanings?

I believe learningrx has a payment plan, although they were vague with me about what kind of arrangements they would make for that.  Probably because I didn't ask for specifics.  I bet they would talk it over with you if you called them, though.

I have an appointment with a local learning RX center on Monday to have my 14 year old daugter tested. The cost was quoted to me as being .00 for the evaluation. I was also sent testomonials when I asked for them. There are also testomoials posted on the website.  My reluctance came from reading about all the franchises they are trying to sell to sell this service. I read the description for becoming a trainor and it doesn't require medical training or an educational background.  Though, at this point  I am deparate to find help for my daughter. She is a beautiful, awesome and very talented young lady but is depressed, frustrated and has no confidence WHATSOEVER!!!  She is on Adderall.  She has had tutors, 4 doctors over the years and nothing seems to help her to believe she can do what is expected of her. I'll let you know how this learning RX thing goes.

Good luck to all of you. I know from personal experience how heart wrenching this all can be.

What do you do when you can't afford out side help? Our son's Si troubles don't help also.This makes things twice is hard for him also.That is a good question!  Outside help is always outrageously expensive. I wish that I had a good alternative for you. It seems that if you arent ready and willing with tons of money, there is no good help for our kids and without having any real testimonials or people who can tell me if they had true results with the program, it is so hard to figure out if this is the right thing to do. This has been one of my biggest reasons for hesitation to our going forward to the LearningRX program. It is EXPENSIVE and insurance does not pay for it.  I was told that they will work with us and can set up a payment plan. I will let you know what we find out cost wise on Monday. I asked about this yesterday in my first message on here.  I should have put learningrx in my title like you did.  I had a lot of people look at it, but no responses.  I will be watching to see if anyone answers your question.Anyone have any experience with this?  Would love to hear comments and opinions.

It is (I think) like a tutoring program where they try to get people to strengthen their brain in areas such as focussing, organization...  The closest thing I can compare it to is Sylvan but it does not tutor in specific subjects as much as teach strategies and strengthen weakness in troubled learners.

It is a franchise with no competition.  Maybe I should open one near me.


KidsInSpace, I've never heard of this program.  What is it?  -Gettingagrip-

I called the local place for the second time today and got more information.  This is what I know:

First they assess the kid, it takes about an hour and they test processing speed, logic and reasoning, visual selective attention, phonemic awareness including auditory analysis and visual processing, and working memory. (cost is 0)

From there they tell you whether the 12 or 18 week program is needed, based on if the child needs help in reading or not.  Also based on the results, they tell you how many hours per week you will need to come, usually between 2 and 5. (cost depends on what they do but averages out to around an hour.)

The sessions are one on one and use the learningrx materials, emphasizing the areas assessed as weak.  After the 12 or 18 weeks they test the child again and show you, based on their tests, how much your child has improved.  They guarantee "at least a 2 or 3 year improvement."  So I asked if they test them after two and three years, she said no, they only test them at the end of the program.  I said "so do you mean that if a child initially tested at a seven year old level, after your program they will test at a nine or ten year old level?"  She said "yes, something like that."

They will give references to other parents only after an initial assessment.

I have two reasons to hesitate on this program.  One is the cost.  It would be worth it if they can help him as much as they say they can, but it's a lot of money to spend when I can't even have any references.  The second reason is the possibility that it won't result in any differences in school performance or home behavior.  They guarantee improvement on their own assessment, not in anything in the kid's life.  Maybe they just teach to the test.  Not hard to do when it's your own test.

I am still holding out hope for someone who has experienced learningrx to tell me about it firsthand.

To expensive for us. Can't afford anything more.

Hi, I just thought I would share my experiance with the Learningrx program.  As you stated it is an investment.  We went with the 18 week program because my son has difficulty with reading as well as focusing.  We had tried a lot of things that also cost a lot of money and got us little improvement. 

We still have two weeks left of training so I don't know the final results.  But let me tell you I have a changed child.  He now can read anything, and loves to read.  I used to struggle with him everynight to get his homework done. Hours!  He gave up easily, and it was all I could do just keep him at the table.  He now sits down and in a half hour it's done!  His grades are better, the teacher has seen a difference, and the best part of all is that his self-esteem has realy changed for the better.

It was an investment of my time and money - but I would do it again in a second.  My husband and I are thinking about placing my daughter in it to.  She isn't struggeling, but I know it would help her - it would help anyone because its like excercising your brian.  I think my skills are better from doing the home training with him.

I am esctatic to see some information on this. I am taking my son for an eval (free) next week. It sounds so good but like everyone else it is a great investment. I would love to hear anymore feedback. I will take another loan out if I have to ( we did it for braces) .

I hear it is the principles that are used in the PACE program which you could be trained as a parent and do the work with your child. There appears to be several chapters out there so I am encouraged. The office my son is going to the lady said they have 80 children enrolled currently.

Thanks, mom of twins.. if you have any other input maybe from any others that were concurrent with the program please tell us.


Hi there.  It has been a while since I have written anything.  I just wanted to let you know that we have been doing learningrx.  It is a bit of a struggle to get him to do it, but not as bad as I thought it would be.  They really do make the exercises into a fun game.  We are doing the 12 week program because he had no reading difficulties.  I get the feeling that the reading program gets more drastic results.  We are about 3/4 of the way through and although he has definitely gotten better at the games I haven't seen any drastic changes in his school performance.  The learningrx people tell me that it will take months for him to integrate his new brain skills and be able to apply them to different situations.  So I have to take it on faith that this will help him.  The jury is still out.

The other component of this is that we moved in the middle of the experience so I am finishing up doing everything at home instead of still taking him to the center.  In case you were wondering what happened to that awesome school, we moved and that put an end to those plans.  I do have high hopes for the year, though.  In OH he was in a middle school for 5th grade.  Here in IN he is back in an elementary for 6th.  That should help.

I will keep you posted about whether the learningrx helps.

I would like feedback from anyone who posted that their child was doing evaluations and training with LearningRx.  What was the outcome?

I am desperate for something to help my 15 year old son.  I invested a lot of money into biofeedback when he was about 10 years old............I saw some slight improvement.  He did seem to be more focused on his homework, but I was looking for greater results.

He is 15, unmotivated, unfocused.  He does not like taking the Concerta he was on.  It didn't seem to have any affect on him even though he was taking 54 mg per day. 

I have to find a way to help him.