pseudoephedrine? | ADHD Information

I have heard people say that Sudafed, which contains
pseudoephedrine, helps with concentration and attention, and
is chemically similar to atomoxetine HCI, which is in Strattera. Is
this true?

This has been discussed before see below link - cheers W=sudafed

It was after I had taken a dose of pseudoephedrine during a cold that I realized there was something wrong with me.

After taking pseudoephedrine, and while studying for a physics test my mind suddenly woke up and I learned more in 30 minutes than it had taken me a whole semester to learn.  My mind went from a narrow tunnel vision to a normal attention peripheral.

I, too, was self medicating with Sudafed.  It was an accidental discovery when I had broncitis actually.  I was taking that with cough medicine with codeine in it and found that those 2 things together really helped my focus and concentration.  When the cough syrup was gone I still took the sudafed.  It didn't work as well as the combo with the codeine but it still helped. 

But then I started having a lot of heart palpitations (I have Mitral Valve Prolapse) and so I eventually stopped taking it.  I'm now on a low dose of Adderall.

Before I knew I had ADD, I often self medicated with pseudoephedrine.

Don't do it. They are not designed to be taken regularly over a long period of time. And although I have no evidence other than my own experience, they seem to be very addictive. I took them regularly for about 4 months and had a terrible time quitting. I could not sleep and had panic attacks. I was on a business trip and missed a flight because I was so freaked out I could not get on the plane. I had to go to the gift shop and buy some and I was able to take a later flight once they kicked in.

The only way I could quit was to take a couple of weeks off work and I stayed drunk the entire time. It was the only way I could sleep. By the time my two-week bender hangover was gone, I was okay without the pseudoephedrine.

Do yourself a favor and stick to prescribed medications. 

Interestingly, the only other time in my entire life I felt claustrophobic and had panic attacks is when I was taking Straterra.

I think Advil is very simular. I had read the other post, but until today when I had REAL bad sinus problems, my hubby is the only one in our house who uses it. I took 2 before work (before I had taken adderall) and my head was so clear and my concertration level seemed higher than ever, but it only lasted for 3 hrs. than even though I could breathe, my attention span went back to normal(a flee) Adderall was taken and almost all went well.

I think some of it was that my head was so foggy from my sinuses, that when it kicked in, the feeling of just being able to breath cleared my head. If I had never had adderall before, I to may have been tempted to rely on them. So they could be addictive for that reason. I DEFINATLEY wouldn't rely on them, except on bad nose days!