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This is going to sound strange, but Matcha Green Tea feels like it has the effects of Adderall without making me sweat and have palpitations. I actually took _too_ much today and was all over the place. It was very uncomfortable. I got the Matcha Green Tea Smoothie from Jamba Juice this morning (I didn't have a blender this morning) and it was actually too much. I felt my feet start to buzz (weird..?) but it was a very similar feeling to the stimulants I've taken with Adderall.

Unfortunately, I took too much today so I was on overload. Tomorrow I'll relax the "dosage."  Someone else give this green tea a try... Jamba Juice has it and I believe Starbucks is now carrying it. Let me know how you fare on it.

My brother got this for its antioxidant and health benefits and wanted me to try it, so I did so one morning before going to work. WOW did I feel focused for the next four hours, and had a slight, pleasant buzz the entire morning. I was very focused, and had no idea why. I just did some research and found that green tea has L-Theanine, which has implications as a natural relaxant/focusing agent.

Has anyone tried this powdered green tea? It's very expensive, but I just ordered some and will be mixing it into a smoothie every morning and let you guys know what the outcome is. Anyone else try this yet?


I'm way past green tea :-( Sounds like it has 5-h??? whatever in it. Which explains the cost, if this is the case you get tolerance very quickly so use it sparingly.

Hey, maybe you are thinking of L-theanine L−デアニン

shinsetu_hito38536.6927893519Why do you think there would be a tolerance buildup? This isn't normal green tea, there are actually two kinds: sencha and matcha (not mancha...I made a typo before). Matcha is the more expensive of two kinds because it's grown in the shade, whereas Sencha is apparently grown in full sun. Dunno if that makes a big difference. Both sencha and matcha are powdered green teas where entire tea leaves are deveined, then ground into a fine powder which can be mixed with smoothies, soy milk and/or hot water for tea. I ordered three kinds of tea to see if there is any difference, and if it is consistently effective. I ordered one Sencha for , one Matcha for and one Matcha for . I realize this is a LOT of money for tea, but it's less expensive and MUCH healthier than Adderall. It's loaded with antioxidants.

I had no idea this tea helped ADD before I drank it that morning, but noticed a significant difference. I will see if I develop a tolerance build up, but I wouldn't think (or hope) so. I had never even heard of this before my brother mentioned it, and only made the connection with ADD after I felt the results. I, for one, am very excited.

I just started taking Matcha Green Tea, and I definately DO notice a significant difference in my moods, my focus has definately increased as a result of feeing more calm and relaxed, and actually my eyesight also seems to be greatly effected by it too (things appear sharper and more clear). I believe that Matcha holds a lot of potential as a healthy natural supplement for people with ADD/ADHD. I have actually been looking on the internet to see if anyone else with ADHD noticed any differences with ADHD for if theri is any documentation in regards to this. I have been taking Matcha everyday for the past few weeks and the effects seem to be consistent.