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There are several natural treatments to control ADHD symptoms. Many parents seek natural remedies to treat ADHD because of the side effects of ADHD drugs such as Ritalin®, ADDerall®, Concerta® and Straterra®. Some of the side effects of these drugs can be increased heart rate, mood swings, nausea, upset stomach and headaches etc.

Parents who witness these side effects may consider two natural options.


It's maker claims that those who take it achieve 70% higher scores on the TOVA test a benchmark for attentiveness. The product comes with a one year moneyback guarantee. The company makes over 100 homeopathic products for a number of ailments. For more information on Attend or to discuss topic about Attend.

BeCalmed by NeuroGenesis

It's maker claims increased focus and helps reduce stress. For discussion topics on BeCalmed by NeuroGenesis.




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