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Chat Information!

ADDult ADD/ADHD Chat!! ADD Flowers ADDult Chat uses ICQ to hold discussions on adults with ADD/ADHD.

Bob Seay at the Mining Co has created a chat community with "hosts" for different topics throughout the week. Rather than divide the resources for those looking for online support, I'd like to support Bob in his effort to get a chat community going. Below you will find a list for Scheduled Chat times and topics. Times Listed are East Coast Time so remember to adjust your time accordingly. Community Chat at the Mining Company
SUNDAY EVENINGS: 9 PM - General Chat about ADD - your host, Bob Seay "We will cover a variety of ADD related topics, issues and just kill some time together."
MONDAY EVENINGS: 8 PM - Parents of Kids with ADD- your host, Char "Parents supporting one another."
TUESDAY EVENINGS: 9 PM - Newly Diagnosed Adults - your host, Jake "A chat directed to those who have just found they have ADD." Jake would also welcome any ADDers diagnosed long ago who wish to contribute to this discussion.
WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: 9 PM - Adult Students with ADD- your host, Tawny "I am aiming mostly at college, and graduate school students, and untraditional students ie. married with children while in school "older students" etc."
THURSDAY EVENINGS: 11PM - Late Night With Bob your host, Bob Seay "anything that has to do with ADD, and the occasional special guest."
SATURDAY MORNINGS: 9AM - Women With ADD your host, Judy "Addressing the special issues of women."

CHAT with ICQ!

  • Wendy: ICQ #30530177
  • 30 year old addult with add ICQ #24099912
  • Kristie. ICQ# is 16277979. I have a 9 yr old with severe ADHD/ODD.
  • Sue Rhodes: I have a 13 year old with add, a 14 year old with MD and a two year old, my icq number is 9135108, i will answer anyone that contacts me, all this add stuff is new to me so i am open to all advice and knowledge that anyone cares to share with me.
  • Tucker, Mother of 4 boys, 7, 8, 10 and 12. Two ADHD, and one ADD with 2 other disorders. Pager# 727394
  • Debbie, mother of a 13 year old son that is ADD. Pager # 3099684
  • Charlotte, single parent of 3, in Washington State, I am A.D.D. and I have a son (10 ) with A.D.D.and Fetal Alcohol Effect, along with another son ( 8 )who has A.D.H.D. Pager # 2131884
  • Art & Lee Ann( O'Leary ) Parents of 6 children one (13 year old son)diagnosed with severe ADHD. Pager #3002395
  • Jeff - 40 yrs old just diagnosed w/ADHD. My pager # is 1568171.
  • Jay Pager# 235808
  • HappyGal: Parent of a 13 year old ADHD boy. Pager# 1931355
  • Deb: Mother of 6yr old boy with ADHD. Pager# 973234
  • Stefanie: Addult and on the ADDult listserve Pager# 460708
  • Sillyme, mother of 2 boys, 1 ADD. Pager# 1705683
  • Amy: Mother of 11 year old ADHD son. Pager#920486
  • Tina: Addult with 4 kids, youngest is ADD Pager# 1182650
  • Vonda: ADDult Pager #313416
  • Sk8er: ADDult male, 22 Pager # 875621
  • DIane: Mother of 3 children (5,7,11) ADD Spouse and Son Pager # 1440677
  • Joanna is a recently diagnosed ADDult. Nick Name, JodyB or JodyBelle Pager # 1263030
  • Bonita has an ADD son. Pager # 1072249
  • Susan. ADDult. Authorization required to add to list please identify yourself as ADDult. Pager#857503
  • Damon: ADD Adult in Austrailia UIN #1142285
  • Brian: ADDult male, 27 with ADHD Pager# is 672431
  • Donna: 2 children, 1 with Tourettes Syndrome. Pager #776110
  • Kim: Parent of 4 children! Nick Name: Double Trouble. Pager #433958
  • Debi in shoe: Parent of 9 kids, 3 are ADD Pager # 809063
Check out this list of Icq users!
ICQ Pager List

Be sure you page Stefanie and give her your ICQ number. She maintains a page of ICQ ADDults, most of which are from the Addult listserve.

To add any of these readers to your ICQ pager, simply go to "add to contact list" and do a search on either the pager #, email address or name/nick name and ICQ will find them and add at your request.

ICQ has become quite popular!!! I am now getting requests for a listing of other add/adhd readers who have this program so we can hook up and chat! If you are on ICQ and you'd like other readers to be able to add you to their contact list, send me your pager number and whether or not you are an add/adhd adult or parent of an add/adhd child and I'll get them listed! By the way, I lost my ICQ program and had to rely on my tape back up to get the thing uninstalled and then running again. In the process I lost all of my contacts so please notify me to add you to my contact list. If you don't have ICQ....get it now!. Download IQC NOW! and chat with people you correspond with! TO PAGE ME, Click here :) If you don't have ICQ, be sure you leave an email address so I can respond to you!This is the cutest little program! It notifies you when users in your contact list are online, and allows you to join them in realtime chat, send them messages and mail. TRY IT...YOU'LL LIKE IT!


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