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ADHD Help for ADHD Children Attention Deficit Disorder   

ADHD Newsletters

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ADDed Attractions is a FREE Monthly Newsletter designed to aid Parents and Addults by sharing information that will aid them in making better decisions concerning the challenges they face. Since I began my website in 1995, my mission has always been to pass along as much information as possible as I truly believe that Knowledge is Power! and with knowledge, we can take control of the issues that affect our lives.

ADDed Attractions currently has several respected professionals in the field of ADD/ADHD contributing their knowledge expertise each month. Created in May of 97, ADDed Attractions continues to grow and continues to remain FREE.

ADDed Attractions features columns from respected professionals each month that address issues that many of us deal with on a daily basis.

We will be setting up our newsgroup shortly

Reed Martin J.D. is an attorney who has concentrated on special education rights for over 28 years. He was a legislative assistant to the US Senator who chaired the education subcommittee as the Congress began developing special education laws. He has practiced in Texas for the past 21 years, working with over 3,000 families before moving to West Virginia. Reed has also worked with attorneys and parents in all 50 states on special education cases. He is a parent of a student who required special services through IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and Section 504.

Reed helped establish the Protection & Advocacy in Texas (Advocacy, Inc.) and served five years as Senior Attorney. He also received a statewide Parent Training and Information grant in Texas which he ran. He has served on the national, state and local board of several disability organizations. He has also testified several times at the request of Congress.

Reed has litigated under Section 504 and the ADA as well as the IDEA. He has also successfully pursued Section 504 complaints through the Office for Civil Rights in several regions. He has had cases in several Circuit Courts of Appeals and the US Supreme Court on issues of attorneys' fees, the IEP, least restrictive environment, extended school year, related services, school health services, parental reimbursement, and private school placement. He frequently files amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs at the Circuit Court and Supreme Court level for disability organizations. Reed has produced several books, videos and audios on special education law and has conducted over 300 workshops in all 50 states.

Some of the cases he has been involved in are Tatro v. Irving ISD (Supreme Court decision on school health services), Daniel R. v. State Bd. of Educ. (Circuit Court decision setting standards for least restrictive environment/inclusion); Jason S. v. Kirby (removing hearing officer as partial); Griffith v. Bynum (state education agency duty to students placed in state institutions); Angela L. v. Pasadena ISD (expert witness on relief available under Section 504 and 1983); Shelley C. v. Venus ISD (definition of prevailing party for attorney fee award); Angel G. v. T.E.A. (state education agency duty on child find); Board of Educ. v. Rowley (amicus at Supreme Court on definition of appropriate education); Alamo Heights v. Board of Educ. (amicus at Circuit Court on extended school year); Carter v. Florence County Sch. (amicus at Supreme Court on reimbursement for private placement); Guckenberger v. Boston Univ. (amicus in federal court on accommodations required under Section 504 and the ADA).

With the recent sweeping amendments to the IDEA he is taking this year to revise his materials and conduct workshops around the country to let parents and attorneys know about "the most significant change in special education law in 22 years" and "the dozens of amendments that can help parents get much better services for their children if they understood how to use them." With his travel and writing schedule, Reed is currently limiting his law practice to appellate work.

Visit Reed's website at

Dr. Alice D'Antoni-Phillips, President of Education Rx Associates, Inc, and GigaLEARN, Inc., ha extensive experience within the fields of educational administration, methods, psychology, learning disabilities and ADHD. She is well-known for her expertise in educational assessment, management/organization skill training, and learning strategies.

Trained at Marshall University, Dr. DP holds a BA in Elementary Education and Mental REtardation and an MA in Mental Retardation and Orthopedia Conditions. She eared her Doctoral Degree from the University of South Carolina in Special Education Administration and Learning Disabilities. Her postgraduate work includes training with the Reitan Neuropsychology Laboratory in Neuropsychological Assessment, Carlson Learning Company in Personal Profile Assessment, studied in the Soviet Union as part of an international psychology exchange with Dr. Russell Barkley focusing on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and participated in Scotland as part of an international reading study exchange through the University of Louisville.

Dr. D"s' broad professional background includes public school teaching, staff development, and administration with school systems, private industry, the US Department of Defense, and the US Office of Education. She has been a presenter at numerous local, state, and national seminars, including the 1998 International Psychology Conference on ADHD in Cambridge, England.

A creator of educational materials and products, Dr. DP has created the nationally known PowerOrganizerSuccessSystem, a tool for teaching students and adults, particularly those with ADHD, management and organization skills. In addition she created ThinkBankLearning, an extensive teacher-training program that focuses on school-work transitions. Most recently, Dr. DP created a 50-minute video on smart-study strategies; The A-Zone...Easy Ways to Better Grades, is a National Telly Award winner currently marketed through Doulous Productions, Inc. For Moms, Dr. DP wrote the humorous, poignant, easy-to-read guidelines on raising kids...Holy Moses, I'm Tired of Wiping Noses...The Ten Commandments of Motherhood. Dr. DP is a regularly featured writer for the National Beta Club Journal, a national student organization that recognizes young people who are achieving academic excellence.

Dr. DP maintains an active private educational practice seeing clients daily and working with parents and educators on a myriad of issues; she has three sons, Matthew who is a Junior at Brown University, Andrew who is a Senior in high school, and Nicholas a Sophomore in high school. All three sons are accomplished student-athletes; therefore, most of Dr. DP's extra time is spent in watching all three play basketball, traveling with husband, Ben, who heads Pelican Companies or just cruising with Ben on their Harley.

You can visit Dr. Alice's website at

Dr. David Rabiner, a clinical child psychologist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with ADHD. Dr. Rabiner received his PHD in clinical psychology from Duke University in 1987 where he completed a one year internship in child psychology at Duke University Medical Center. He taught in the psychology department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for 11 years, and maintains a private practice at Oberlin Road Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC.

Dr. Rabiner's research on children's social development has appeared in leading national and international journals and has been presented at numerous conferences. He has also served as a consultant on two federally funded grants involving ADHD.

Dr. Rabiner not only contributes to ADDed Attractions each month with Dr. Dave's ADDvice, but he also publishes ADHD Research Update a must have publication that brings you the latest resarch being done today concerning ADHD and how to apply it to your child. To sign up for a FREE trial subscription to ADHD RESEARCH UPDATE,

Bob Seay is not only a Teacher, but an adult with ADD and contributes his talents each month to ADDed Attractions on ADHD and Adults. Bob is the guide to ADD at the miningco and his site can be seen at When not on the net, Bob is a music teacher, grades K- 12 and also handles the Gifted and Talented Education Program for our school district. He has written one book about ADD, "Upon This Rock", and has participated in several ADD research projects and served on ADD curriculum writing teams.

Diagnosed with ADD at age 33, Bob has dealt with ADD his entire life. Bob and his wife Barbara are raising an 8 year old ADD son, along with 2 non-ADD brothers, ages 11 & 15. They also have 2 foster children, both boys, ages 6 & 8. You can reach Bob Seay at

MICHELLE DAVIS is a Parent and an Author and will be contributing a column on dealing with learning and behavioral issues Naturally. Here is her Story:

A child was born to Michelle Davis and unbeknownst to her this child has problems.  These problems consisted of attention deficit hyper disorder, compulsive behavior, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and there were signs of Tourettes.

A choice was made to seek solutions and not take the obvious solutions as the only solutions.  The learning and behavioral problems had to be addressed.

These choices led me to seek, listen, observe, apply, and delve deeply into research.  By reaching out and taking what I needed while discarding the rest has led me to want to educate others in similar situations.  I began by speaking at a teacher conference on parent/teacher strategies with working with a learning disabled child. Then as I progressively learned more, I spoke at natural alternative conferences and workshops.  Just recently, I have been on television and will be appearing again in August with my son by my side.  My son realizes through communicating with him from the start first hand the heartache and now the fullness of life he is beginning to experience due to the consistency of natural solutions and coping skills.

The severity of my son's disorders led me to write a book to let parents know what options are available and that they are not alone.  I have make myself available to many to help them balance out their own body's system and those of their children.  Along with my son, I have become a better individual.  My book goes into much more detail as to my theories, success, and much more.  The book can and has been used as a reference for the whole family. 

The book is called, "Correcting Learning/Behavioral Disorders Naturally! And You Can, Too!."  

To order: Michelle Davis P.O. Box 10757 Prescott, AZ 86304-0757  $25.95  7.5% tax  $3.00 s&h

Dr. Steve Richfield provides a column on parenting pointers. Here is some background info: Dr. Steve Richfield is a child psychologist who work, for nearly two decades, has been focused on child development, parent education, and the emotional problems of childhood. He received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann University in 1986 and his undergraduate degree in Psychology from George Washington University in 1981.

Dr. Steve maintains a full time private practice in the Philadelphia suburbs. He and his wife, Dr. Caryn, also a psychologist, are the parents of two active sons, ages eight and five. Since 1986, Dr. Steve has conducted dozens of workshops to educate parents, teachers, and professional colleagues about the significance of children's  social and emotional growth

Dr. Steve's interest in the role parents play in shaping and enhancing a child's emotional growth and social skills intensified after the Richfield's first son was born in 1989. The combination of "on-the-job" training as a parent and extensive clinical experience led him to develop a new parent training model, one requiring parents to switch from "parent cop" to the more desirable role of "parent coach" when children display behavioral problems. His innovative Parent Coaching paradigm has received extensive recognition, particularly by parents of ADHD children and professionals who work with ADHD children.

Dr. Steve has served as Professional Advisory Board Member of the Upper Bux-Mont (PA) chapter of CHADD (Children And Adults With Attention Deficit Disorders) since 1992. As the Parent Coaching  model became better known, Dr. Steve found that parents of ADHD children preferred the hands-on, practical, and skill-based advice that flows from this approach. Yet, ADHD kids wanted more than advice; they told Dr. Steve that they wanted something to take out of the office to help them prepare for  and cope with difficult situations. "I need a thing to remind me to control myself," said one little girl.

The need for an instantly accessible and kid-friendly tool to help ADHD children became the inspiration for Parent Coaching Cards. They offer tailored guidance to parents and helpful answers to all kids.  Whether problems emerge at school, home, on the playground, or the soccer field, Parent Coaching Cards function as a compass for self-control. ADHD experts and newspapers have praised them. More info is available at

Parents of ADHD children routinely contend with a high degree of challenge as they navigate their children through the hurdles of childhood. Dr. Steve's Parenting Pointers column will offer practical, skill-based advice to parents who often find themselves on "low fuel light" when behavior problems arise. The first installment will  answer the question, What Is A Parent Coach? Dr. Steve welcomes suggestions from readers for future topics. E-mail him at

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