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Read May 1997
Bits and Pieces/ New ADHD Service/ ADHD Chat / Tips and Hints/ ADD Women/ Helpful Parenting Ideas
Read June 1997
Dr. Dave on Medication/Mailing Lists
Read July 1997
Bunker Hill/Oppositional/Defiance/Problems Making Friends/Self Esteem /Emotional Difficulties
Read August 1997
Rick Pierce The Hyperactive Teacher/ Dr. Dave on the Benefits of Medicaiton: Side Affects and Myths
Read September 1997
ADHD Diagnosis/ADHD Addults in the Workplace/Hyperactive Teacher/ADDvance Magaizine for Women
Read October 1997
ADD and Siblings/ADHD Practice Guidelines/Class Dismissed
Read November 1997
Dr. Dave on Alternatives/HyperActive Teacher answers readers questions/ADD and the Military
Read December 1997
Guidelines for Determining Medication/Important Organizations and Numbers
Read January 1998
Continous Performance Tests (CPT's)/Helpful Information and Services/Excersising Control
Read February 1998
ADHD Sypmtoms after Age 7/Crime Times/ Mom's Dictionary
Read March 1998
Federation For Children with Special Needs/ Childs Size and Medication Dosage/Bored of Education
Read April 1998
Publication, Listserves and chatrooms/Controversial Issues confronting the ADHD Specialists/Hyperactive Teacher
Read May 1998
Is Ritalin Linked to Substance Abuse?/Fatty Acids and ADHD
Read June 1998
Genetic Link to ADHD/Special Ed Discussion LIst/Medicating over the Summer/Michigan Camps/Are you Ready to be a Parent? (humor)
Read July1998
San Francisco CHAAD/Teenagers and Medication/Parenting Pointers/ADDult Content/ Correcting Learning and Behavioral Problems Naturally
Read August 1998
Back to School/Education Rights and Laws/ADDult Content/Parenting Pointers/Michelle's Opinions and Options
Read September 1998
United Advocates For Children in California/Home to School Report Card/ Advocate Help for Maine/Michelles Opinions and Options/ADHD Parents raising ADHD Kids/Addult Content
Read October 1998
Halloween Ideas/ADD and Depression/To Coach or Not to Coach/Michelle's Opinions and Options/ADDult Content/Doing it right and smart in school
Read November 1998
Non Medical Tretment for ADHD/HyperActive Teacher/Michelles Opinions and Options/Curbing the impulse to Spend/Growing up is Hard to Do/Classroom Coaching
Read December 1998
Scientific Status of Alternatives and ADD/Classroom Coaching Bringing skills online/Hope for the Holidays/Being Unique/7 Hings for the Hyper Holidays
Read January 1999
Variations in Treatment of ADHd/Coaching Rules of the Road Part 1/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Accomodations is the ADHD World/8 Lessons you'll never learn in School.
Read February 1999
O.U.R. Kids/Coaching the Rules of the Road Part 2/Michelles Options and Opinions/Ripple Affect by Bob Seay/Dr Dave's ADDvice/Exams made Easy
Read March1999
Spring and IEP's/ADHD-Here, There, Everywhere/What is Conduct Disorder/ ADDult Content/Michelle's Options and Opinions/Middle High and High School Stress
Read April 1999
Advocacy Tip of the Week/Dr Dave on Children, Meds and Peers/Institute of Human Development/Coaching Rules of the Road Part 3/Dealing with Teachers Who Don't Like You
Read May 1999
What do We get now that ADHD is Clearly in IDEA?/Dr. Dave on School Work/Coaching the Rules of the Road Part 4/More to Success than Smarts
Read June 1999
James' IEP/Dr. Dave/Correcting Learned Behaviors/Winning in LIfe
Read July 1999
Coalition of Empowered Paretns of ADHD Children/Legal Help for Marysville-Yuba City, Ca/Dr. Dave Friends, Peers and Medication/Coaching a Stronger Sibling Bond/Addult Content/Supreme Court Cases and Special Ed/Michelle's Options and Opinions
Read August 1999Dr. Dave on Medication/Is your IEP Up to Date?/Class Dismissed by the Hyperactive Teacher/Classroom Coaching/8 More Lessons You'll Never Learn in School
Read September 1999Jim Burns-The Relationship Connection/The Honeymoon is Over by Wanda Shwandt/Dr Dave's ADDvice/ Parent Coaching/Where are the Parents (Poem)/ADDult Content by Bob Seay
Read October 1999A Perspective on ADHD by a Handwriting Remediation Specialist/Dr. Dave's ADDvice/How Far Do We Stretch the Rubber Band? by Dr. Steven Richfield/Protections for ADD Students by Attorney Reed Martin/Proactive Problem Solving/Caution School Zone
Read November 1999New Websites/Dr. Dave's ADDvice/Reed Martins ADvocacy Tip of the Week/Parentcop vs Parent Coach/Underachievers or hero/Correcting learning/behavioral Disorders naturally.
Read December 1999Parenting Preschoolers/Addiction and ADHD/Disability rights are Civil rights too/Online Support/Correcting Learning/Beahvorial Disorders Naturally
Read January 2000Sharing/Yet Another Look into the World of ADHD/Hindsight is 20/20/Parent Coach for Proactive Parents/Dr Dave on Depression
Read March 2000IEP's and Vocational Training/Dr. Gabor Mate/Marathon Parenting/Parent Coach for Proactive Parents/Correcting Learning/Beahvorial Disorders Naturally
Read April 2000Differentiating Between ADHD and Pervasive Development Disorder/Correcting Learning/Behavioral Disorders Naturally, Parent Coaching/ADHD and Heredity
Read May 2000Summer Camp Warning/Me, My ADD Coach and I/ Parent Coach Cards/Dr. Dave's Advice
Read June 2000Independent Education Evaluation for ADHD Students/Understanding the Difficult Child/My 2 cents on Summer Medication/Parent Coaching for the Proactive Parent
Read July 2000The Parent Coach/Transforming the Difficult Child/Books to Read/Dr. Dave's ADDvice
Read August 2000The Parent Coach/The Energy Challenged Child/Advocates Notebook/Correcting Learning and Behaviorial Disorders Naturally
Read September 2000The Parent Coach/Behavior School Discipline and the ADHD Student/Correcting Learning and Behavioral Disorders Naturally
Read October 2000The Parent Coach/Advocates Corner/Information for Austrailians/School Nursing/Beyond Catching Children Being Good
Read November 2000Articles on ADHD/Medication/Active Recognition/The Parent Coach
Read December 2000Bio Feedback/The Parent Coach/Magination Press/Extra Curricular and Non Academic Services Under Section 504/Advocates Notebook/Experiential Recognition: Instilling those Wonderful Values
Read January 2001
ADD and the College Student/Parent Coaching for the Proactive Parent/Proactive Recognition by Howard Glasser
Read February 2001
Can Music Heal/Dr. John Ratey, User Guide to the Brain/Hey Mr. President Don't leave the Disabled Kids Behind/Parent Coach for Proactive Parents/Advocates Corner/Correcting learning/behavioral disorders naturally
Read March 2001
Home School forum/ The Parent Coach for Proactive parents/Steve Metz on Peter Breggin/Petition for children with Learning Disabilities/New Sites/ Correcting Learning and Behaviorial Disorders Naturally/Conference Info
Read April 2001
Understanding ADD/Kicking Hyperactive Behavior/Correcting Learning and Behaviorial Disorders Naturally
Read May 2001
Summer Camps/Teachers Speak Out/My IEP Plans for Upcoming Year/Parent Coach for Proactive Parents/ Responding Rather than Reacting
Read June 2001
Schools Out/Dealing with Childrens Issues/ New books
Read July 2001
New Site/Summertime Moodiness/ Correcting Learning and Behaviorial Disorders Naturally/What I learned during my Summer Vacation
Read August 2001
A Mile in My Shoes/New Email Group for Autism/Socialization and Homeschooling/Advocates Corner/Advocates Assertiveness Training/ADHD Soaring Above the Storm/ Parent Coaching/Enjoy Your Child
Read September 2001
Helping your child cope with the terrorism of September 11, 2001/ Wednesday morning, September 12, 2001
Read October 2001
Only a Mother Could Love Him By Benjamin Polis/Why Counseling/New Book/ADHD Child-Seeing the face of God/Advocates Corner/ Correcting Learning and Behavioral Disorders Naturally
Read November 2001
Advocates Corner/ADHD and Self Esteem/Correcting Learning, Behaviorial Disorders Naturally
December 2001
No Issue
Read January 2002
Parent Coaching-How Home Life can lead to Bullying/ Advocacy Links/ ADHD Recomendations for Parents/Online Book on ADHD
Read February 2002
Parent Coaching-Using Good Judgement/ ADHD Recomendations for Teachers
Read March 2002
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