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ADHD Newsletters and Mailing Lists


is written by Dr. Dave Rabiner. and is a great way to stay up to date about new research on ADHD. David Rabiner, PhD who writes the monthly Dr. Dave's AddVice column in my newsletter, has started an electronic newsletter that summarizes important new studies for parents and discusses how the findings can be applied to help their child. The newsletter comes out every 6 weeks and the cost is only $19.95 for a one year subscription.

Why not take a look at this newsletter and decide whether it will be helpful to you? Dr. Dave would be delighted to send the first 3 issues for you to review so you can decide whether you would like to subscribe. Just your request and he'll forward the samples for you to look at.

ADDed Attractions:

This Newsletter is FREE. It is sent electronically through email and features columns by Dr. Dave Rabiner Ph.D, Michelle Davis, Author, Dr. Steven Richfield Ph.D and Bob Seay. Issues such as medication, parenting, Addult ADHD and dealing with behavioral and Learning Issues naturally are addressed each month. For more information and Subscription info, go to or subscribe now!

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As an added bonus, each subscription of ADDed Attractions comes with a FREE Trial subscription to ADHD Research Update. I believe this newsletter is THAT valuable!

For Parents : ADDtalk

is a feature that allows my readers to communicate via a mailing list. Mailing Lists are groups of people who communicate together via Email. People can come together and interact regardless of their geographic location. A Mailing List distributes Email messages (or "posts") to all of the people subscribed to that list. This allows all of the people subscribed to the list to participate in the ongoing discussions, ask questions, find information and contribute their own expertise to everyone. This list has a digest form for those interested in this format.

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This list is for the discussion of alternative treatments for ADHD and other disorders. This list IS NOT a vehical to sell alternatives. Advertising on this list is not allowed.

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This list is for addults who deal with ADHD. It is for the disucussion of adult related issues affected by ADHD and related disorders such as relationships, work etc.

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This list is for the discussion of addictions. Many adults dealing with adhd also deal with addictions. Whether they be addictions to food, gambling, substance abuse etc, this list is for you. This list is not archived nor does it list it's member base at onelist. As much privacy as possible has been given to this list.

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