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Special Education.Org

Cherises' Sprited Child Page

Home and Education

Special Needs and Special Gifts

Paul Reynolds Site on ADD

Childrens Benefits Service for Familys

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The Optimal Functioning Institute


University of Denver Learning Effectiveness Program

The Doctor Directory

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Anderson/Fodor Residential Care. Short-term residential care for children.

Information about CEDU Schools for Troubled Children

Contains links for information on Education, Safety, Parenting, Federal Government and California State Government.

Research and Info on medications used the treatment of mental health issues including RITALIN, CYLERT, ZOLOFT ETC

Chadd site.

Laura Stevens site on DIET AND NUTRITION and the ADD/ADHD child.

Special Education Materials for both the Learning disabled child as well as the gifted!

A page for parents and children who do Home Schooling.

ADD and Related Disorders

ADD on America Online

International Coaching Federation

Instant Access Treasure Chest

KidSource Online!

Parent's with Bi Polar Children

ADD/ADHD in Europe. Translated into several languages.

Special Education Connection

Information on ADD for parents in Israel .

The Impulsive Child

Tourette Syndrome Homepage

ADD Medical Treatment Center

Life Skills Program for adults in the judicial system that have learning disabilities and disorders.

Out of Control...Raising a child with ADD/ADHD and OCD

Special Ed, Advocacy Help and Section 504 information.

Attention Deficit Disorders AssociationThis page is used to assist anyone interested in information about ADHD mainly for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, or Arkansas but available to other areas.

Special Education Resources from the Mining Company

Tawny's page for Adults with ADD/ADHD .

Help For the Family with the Special Child Information for gifted and learning disabled children.

A large selection of publications containing information on Education after high school for learning disabled students including information on colleges and programs.
Career Counseling for Learning Disabled Adults

Several articles on the gifted and learning disabled child.

The Medical Reporter
They moved! This is their new site address.

ADDO Foundation The schedules for our excellent group meetings and activites in Toronto, Canada, can be found there, as well as basic information for anyone interested in ADD/ADHD, either personally or professionally.

Bev Price's Page on ADD

Chadd of Vancouver

The Greater Rochester Attention Deficit Disorder Association.

The Misunderstood Child. Learning Disorders Affect only the "method" used to learn, not the "ABILITY" to learn.

ADDult Support of Washington for Adults with ADD/ADHD.

Attention Deficit Disorder Information and articles on ADD in the classroom, causes, detections, medications etc.

National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children This is their new site. Check it out!!

Cara's Poetry Cove A wonderful poetry site by a mom with an ADHD son.

Parent Empowerment Project

J-Mans Home page!

Adults Seeking Knowledge page on legal issues and ADD

Class Table of Contents An online wealth of information and resources for Homeschooling.

ADDvance Magazine Website. A magazine dedicated to ADD Women.

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Special Education in General and special needs children.

This is the Special Education Needs Network.

College and University Admissions Office Telephone Numbers A great resource for those looking for information on secondary education services for their children.

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