ADHD Behavior Modification Techniques

What is ADHD Behavior Modification?

ADHD Behavior modification is rewarding desired behavior with privileges or rewards while discouraging bad behavior with removal of privileges or adding appropriate punishment.

Most behavior modification systems or ADHD Incentive Charts use a computerized scoring program where the parent inputs desired behavior and undesired behavior. On a weekly basis or at the parents discretion recorded behaviors are reviewed with the child.

The desired behavior may include performing chores, completing homework on time and behaving at school. Undesirable behaviors may include not completing their chores, not doing homework, loud and disturbing behavior.

adhd child behavior problems

The parent will also input what the rewards are for good behavior. These may be video console time, allowance bonus, TV time or other reward the parent deems appropriate.

At the end of a week or month the child will be given a score that will determine what reward or punishment they will receive. The advantage of systems such as the Total Transformation System to discipline children with ADHD is they teach limits, proper communication and ultimately build the child's self esteem and accountability.

Some adhd behavior modification systems use flash cards, video tapes to coach parents using the system. In addition, there are homework improvement techniques available on most systems.

To find out if a ADHD Behavior Modification treatment may work for your child take a look at the The Total Transformation System.