ADHD Parenting Tips

Some tips for parents to handle children with ADHD include the following as suggested by an expert:

•  Parents must be assertive in limiting television watching as well as the time duration for video gaming and radio or music listening.

•  Furthermore, parents must assign specific duties to their children for example “empty the trash in the bathroom and kitchen, rather than just directing them to take out the trash”. This is because, as explained by an ADHD expert, “television, radio and video games are all stimulants and impede the abilities of children with ADD and ADHD to concentrate, relax and sleep” ( Jefferson , 2002).

•  Also, with the help of “behavior modification therapy”, patients with ADHD can be taught organizational skills and time management while utilizing things like day planners or electronic organizers (Karlak, 2001).

•  Creating strict routines with extra hours for exercise is also a way to treat ADHD. (Weinstein, 1994)

•  Splitting major tasks into minor ones can also greatly help reduce anxiety. (Weinstein, 1994)

Thus by following specific steps for diagnosing the problem and the type of ADHD, this mental disorder can be treated with the aid of various therapies that help sufferers learn coping strategies.

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