ADHD Incentive Charts

ADHD behavior modification or incentive charts are used to track desirable behavior and bad behavior in children. Since most parents own a home computer, positive reinforcement charts or behavior charts can be a helpful alternative ADHD treatment technique. There are a number of software vendors which make behavior charts. We recommend one we think deserves your consideration.

How Incentive Charts Work

The ADHD behavior charts work by awarding positive points or tokens for acceptable behavior and conversely deducting points for negative behavior. When the software is first installed the parent inputs the behavior they consider to be bad or unacceptable.

These may be failing to do chores, whining, hitting, yelling or other behaviors. Then they input behavior they want to encourage such as age appropriate chores: cleaning their rooms, putting away their toys or being ready for school on time. Once these basic rules are inputted the parent can start recording their child's behavior on the computer.

At the end of each week, the software will compute a score which will determine what reward or punishment they will receive. If a positive score is computed the child might receive additional privileges such as video game time or allowance. If a negative score is earned these same privileges are taken away.

An example of a weekly behavior form from the Stress Free ADHD Parenting System.


Benefits of using Adhd Incentive Charting Software

The benefits of incentive charts for ADHD for Parents

  • Visually see over time how a child's' behavior has improved.
  • Ends stressful conversations because the child knows they broke the agreement and they can see it on the chart.
  • A Drug free ADHD treatment with no side effects

Benefits for the child

  • The child feels they are participating in building good behavior
  • The child builds self esteem by earning points for good behavior.
  • Learns the vital lesson that good behavior is rewarding and bad behavior warrants punishment.


To find out if a ADHD Incentive Charts treatment may work for your child take a look at the Stress Free ADHD Parenting System.