What are the alternative Treatments for ADHD?

Alternative ADHD Treatments are gaining popularity because they don't have the side effects of ADHD Medication. Some don't want to risk the side effects of adhd drugs. Some alternative ADHD treatments options include dietary considerations, social skill development, bio feedback, behavior modification and dietary considerations.


A Popular alternative Treatment for ADHD is Behavior Modification

ADHD Behavior modification works by rewarding desired behavior with privileges or rewards while discouraging bad behavior with removal of privileges or adding appropriate punishment. Most of these systems use a computerized scoring program, scheduling software and tapes. By letting the parent create a list of behaviors they consider to be undesirable the child will receive negative scores. If the child behaves well by performing their chores with good behavior this counts towards a positive score.

At the end of a week or month the child will be given a score that will determine what reward or punishment they will receive. The advantage of systems like these is they build the child's self esteem and accountability because they ultimately have a hand in their outcome. One example of this type of system is the Stress Free ADHD System.

Nutrition as an ADHD Alternative Treatment

ADHD Diet and nutrition can play a factor in treatment. We have several ADHD Diet articles that are helpful.

Alternative Medicine Add or ADHD

There are several alternative medicines for ADHD which include Omega III supplements.