Can Reiki help those with ADHD?

Reiki is a natural Japanese therapy that has been seen to be very helpful with ADHD patients in helping to quiet the mind and assist in finding direction and clarity in one’s life. It is found to be a quick way to find stillness as well as inner-peace. This natural therapy was first used to relieve stress, but today is used to lessen symptoms of ADD and ADHD, such as poor sleep and inattention.

The Japanese technique of Reiki is administered by what is called the ‘laying of hands’, which is based on the theory that life force energy flows through the body unseen and causes the body to be alive. If this so-called energy is low, the the body is more likely to become sick and/or feel stress. If this energy is high, the body is more capable of staying healthy and being happy.

The word Reiki comes from two different Japanese words: ‘Rei’ meaning God’ power or wisdom and ‘Ki’ meaning life force energy. The two words together mean life force energy that is spiritually guided. A Reiki treatment feels like a glowing of radiance flowing through and around the body. Reiki works by treating the entire person through emotions, the mind, and the spirit and includes the entire body. Various beneficial effects are felt and include the feeling of peace, well-being, security and relaxation.

The long-term practice of Reiki restores the body’s general condition. Energy channels are opened so that the body can work properly and naturally with stress and toxin build-up to cope with anxiety and depression. After a Reiki session, the following are possible experiences felt by patients:

1. Relaxation
2. Stress-free state; calmness
3. Calmness
4. Ability to focus and think
5. More coherent ideas
6. Clarity
7. Sleeping problems beginning to dissipate
8. Overall improvement in emotional well-being and mental functioning

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