ADHD Articles to Help Your Child

January 2000
Sharing/Yet Another Look into the World of ADHD/Hindsight is 20/20/Parent Coach for Proactive Parents/Dr Dave on Depression

March 2000
IEP's and Vocational Training/Dr. Gabor Mate/Marathon Parenting/Parent Coach for Proactive Parents/Correcting Learning/Beahvorial Disorders Naturally

April 2000
Differentiating Between ADHD and Pervasive Development Disorder/Correcting Learning/Behavioral Disorders Naturally, Parent Coaching/ADHD and Heredity

May 2000
Summer Camp Warning/Me, My ADD Coach and I/ Parent Coach Cards/Dr. Dave's Advice

June 2000
Independent Education Evaluation for ADHD Students/Understanding the Difficult Child/My 2 cents on Summer Medication/Parent Coaching for the Proactive Parent

July 2000
The Parent Coach/Transforming the Difficult Child/Books to Read/Dr. Dave's ADDvice

August 2000
The Parent Coach/The Energy Challenged Child/Advocates Notebook/Correcting Learning and Behaviorial Disorders Naturally

September 2000
The Parent Coach/Behavior School Discipline and the ADHD Student/Correcting Learning and Behavioral Disorders Naturally

October 2000
The Parent Coach/Advocates Corner/Information for Austrailians/School Nursing/Beyond Catching Children Being Good

November 2000
Articles on ADHD/Medication/Active Recognition/The Parent Coach

December 2000
Bio Feedback/The Parent Coach/Magination Press/Extra Curricular and Non Academic Services Under Section 504/Advocates Notebook/Experiential Recognition: Instilling those Wonderful Values