ADHD Articles to Help Your Child

January 1998
Continous Performance Tests (CPT's)/Helpful Information and Services/Excersising Control

February 1998
ADHD Sypmtoms after Age 7/Crime Times/ Mom's Dictionary

March 1998
Federation For Children with Special Needs/ Child's Size and Medication Dosage/Bored of Education

April 1998
Publication, Listserves and chatrooms/Controversial Issues confronting the ADHD Specialists/Hyperactive Teacher

May 1998
Is Ritalin Linked to Substance Abuse?/Fatty Acids and ADHD

June 1998
Genetic Link to ADHD/Special Ed Discussion LIst/Medicating over the Summer/Michigan Camps/Are you Ready to be a Parent? (humor)

San Francisco CHAAD/Teenagers and Medication/Parenting Pointers/ADDult Content/ Correcting Learning and Behavioral Problems Naturally

August 1998
Back to School/Education Rights and Laws/ADDult Content/Parenting Pointers/Michelle's Opinions and Options

September 1998
United Advocates For Children in California/Home to School Report Card/ Advocate Help for Maine/Michelles Opinions and Options/ADHD Parents raising ADHD Kids/Addult Content

October 1998
Halloween Ideas/ADD and Depression/To Coach or Not to Coach/Michelle's Opinions and Options/ADDult Content/Doing it right and smart in school

November 1998
Non Medical Treatment for ADHD/HyperActive Teacher/Michelles Opinions and Options/Curbing the impulse to Spend/Growing up is Hard to Do/Classroom Coaching

December 1998
Scientific Status of Alternatives and ADD/Classroom Coaching Bringing skills online/Hope for the Holidays/Being Unique/7 Hings for the Hyper Holidays