ADHD Articles to Help Your Child

May 1997
Bits and Pieces/ New ADHD Service/ ADHD Chat / Tips and Hints/ ADD Women/ Helpful Parenting Ideas

June 1997
Dr. Dave on Medication/Mailing Lists

July 1997
Bunker Hill/Oppositional/Defiance/Problems Making Friends/Self Esteem /Emotional Difficulties

August 1997
Rick Pierce The Hyperactive Teacher/ Dr. Dave on the Benefits of Medicaiton: Side Affects and Myths

September 1997
ADHD Diagnosis/ADHD Addults in the Workplace/Hyperactive Teacher/ADDvance Magaizine for Women

October 1997
ADD and Siblings/ADHD Practice Guidelines/Class Dismissed

November 1997
Dr. Dave on Alternatives/HyperActive Teacher answers readers questions/ADD and the Military

December 1997
Guidelines for Determining Medication/Important Organizations and Numbers